October 22, 2017

Trumpeter review of The Way

Stan Rowe reviews The Way: an ecological worldview for The Trumpeter, Vol 14, No 1 (1997).

Book Review – The Way: an Ecological World View

Stan Rowe
University of Saskatchewan

“This is an important scholarly book about purpose; about aims, missions and intentions for you and me and all humanity here on Earth. It is the summing up of Edward Goldsmith’s ecological world-view, the mature fruit of many years of study and thought catalyzed by his intimate association for 25 years with the journal, The Ecologist. The magnum opus consists of 66 short chapters (plus four Appendices, a Glossary, Bibliography and Indexes) whose titles convey the gist of the arguments advanced. A sample: Ecology is holistic, Ecology is emotional, The ecosphere is one, Gaia is alive, Life processes are dynamic, Living systems are intelligent, Cooperation is the primary Gaian interrelationship, In a vernacular society technology is homeotelic to Gaia. . . .”

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