October 23, 2017

Sanctuary Asia interviews Edward Goldsmith

Sanctuary Asia interviews Edward Goldsmith, February 2004.

Meet Edward Goldsmith

Sanctuary Asia: “Why are you so angry?”

Edward Goldsmith: “Modern man is wrecking the planet and doing so at an increasingly rapid rate. Our remaining forests are being systematically clear cut or simply burned, our agricultural land compacted, eroded, desertified or water-logged and salinised by modern irrigation methods, our waters contaminated with agricultural and industrial chemicals or slowly depleted with the growing cultivation of water-intensive cash crops, our rivers turned into open sewers or transformed into torrents that only flow during the rainy season, our wetlands drained, our coral reefs grubbed up or poisoned, and just about everything contaminated with as many as a hundred thousand different chemicals, only 5 per cent of which have even been tested – and in a very summary manner at that – for their toxic effects on different forms of life. ‘Why are more people not angry?’ I might ask. . . .”

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