November 19, 2017

The Crisis of Civilization (2012)

Based on the book A Users Guide to the Crisis of Civilization: and how to save it, Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed explains how systemic failings intrinsic to industrial society are converging inexorably towards its collapse before the century’s end.

Rather than attempting to change the current industrial system—which is the root of the problem—policy makers are instead bent on strengthening it even further in response to these very crises. The result is a positive feedback cycle, making collapse ever more likely, more rapid, and more violent.

The film looks at several converging factors and how each exacerbates the others (links to related articles on this website)

Watch the whole film at (Trailer above.)

The issues covered in the film mirror those of the Transition Movement, which are also explored in Edward Goldsmith’s magnum opus The Way: an ecological wordview, and the seminal Blueprint for Survival.

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