December 11, 2017

Community Supported Rewilding

*UPDATE* 18th April 2013.

Kiwi release in Northland

Last weekend 14 kiwi were released in an attempt to restore the endangered bird to the New Zealand mainland in Marunui.

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The Marunui Conservation project in Auckland, New Zealand, is a successful example of a private initiative in conservation, and a model program for other citizen groups wishing to take a similar stand.

Founded by Teddy and Katherine Goldsmith in 1987, the project brought together members of the community as cooperating private shareholders in order to pitch together, purchase and maintain land that was under threat from development to secure its flora and fauna. The wider vision is to restore that which has been lost and set it aside for wildlife preservation for posterity.

Thus secured, the Marunui Conservation area underwent a process of ecological restoration, and after a recent, compre­hensive biodiversity study, the project is set to reintroduce the critically endanger­ed north island brown kiwi bird back into the conservation area.

The in-depth biodiversity report reveals the opportunities for ecological restor­ation and covers many of the issues that require consideration when undertaking such a project.

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Ecological restoration represents an important step towards the larger scale “rewilding” of our landscapes. See Dave Foreman’s classic treatise on rewilding for North America, Peter Taylor’s adaptation for the British landscape, and Caroline Fraser’s comprehensive account of the rewilding revolution taking-off across the globe.


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