October 22, 2017

The Jewish community of Frankfurt

Preface to The Jewish Community of Frankfurt: a genealogical study 1349-1849 by Alexander Dietz. Edited by Isobel Mordy. Vanderher Publications, Cornwall 1988

I have great pleasure in presenting the first English version of Alexander Dietz’s remarkable study: Stammbuch der Frankfurter Juden that was first published in Frankfurt in 1907. The English version is a little more than a mere translation. It has a new introduction by Professor Robert Liberies which provides a short history of the Jewish community of Frankfurt and a much needed index together with line pedigrees of the bigger Frankfurt families by Isobel Mordy, who is a Jewish genealogist and who has acted as general editor of this book.

Besides this the book contains six colour and numerous black and white illustrations and has been designed by Kevin Reilly to provide an aesthetically appealing volume which contemporary representatives of the 625 families, whose genealogy it traces, will be able to cherish and, we hope, pass on to their children with pride and pleasure.

If this volume has actually seen the light of day, it is only because of the commitment and skill of the following people to whom I would like to tender all my thanks: Frances Martin for her able translation of the original text, Dr Andernacht of the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt who explained to her the more subtle meanings of the old German words used; Professor Robert Liberies for his enlightening introduction, Isobel Mordy for undertaking the massive task of editing the book and preparing the index and line pedigrees and Ruth Lumley-Smith for proof-reading the text.

Particular thanks are due to Maria Parsons for coordinating the whole project. The idea was hers and it has been very much her project from the start. Thanks are also due to Bertold Edenfeld and to Frank Julius Adler for their many comments and suggestions.


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