November 19, 2017

The Way – Quotes from reviews

A compendium of quotes from reviews of The Way: An Ecological Worldview by Edward Goldsmith (1992–98).

‘This is, simply, the most devastating critique we have had in recent years of the mainstream scientific enterprise and of modernism generally . . . should be read by ecologists, environmentalists, and virtually everyone who has an interest in the earth and its future.’

—Prof. Donald Worster (University of Kansas), 1992. Author of Nature’s Economy

‘[a] unique, extraordinary and profoundly challenging book . . . destined to disturb the dogmatic slumbers of all the conventional philosophies.’

—Prof. John Gray (London School of Economics), Times Literary Supplement, 1992

‘Edward Goldsmith’s The Way is a compendium of fresh insight and incisive criticism of reductionistic mainstream science.’

—Prof. Herman E. Daly (University of Maryland), Senior Economist at the World Bank. Co-author of For the Common Good

‘a truly radical analysis of modern science and the way it reflects and reinforces the modern metaphysics.’

—Prof. Jerry Ravetz, 1992. Author of Scientific Knowledge and its Social Problems

‘this book is the most profound, most penetrating, most hard-hitting analysis available of why modern society is not sustainable on planet Earth and what will have to change in order to make it so.’

—Willis Harman, President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, 1992. Author of Global Mind Change

‘Goldsmith has written a masterpiece. . . . Every writer of environmental philosophy from now on will have to take Goldsmith’s work into account.’

—Prof. J. Donald Hughes (University of Denver), 1992. Author of Ecology in Ancient Civilisations

‘Edward Goldsmith has issued his manifesto. Shattering the scientific and economic paradigms that have created the mess we are in . . . Anyone interested in charting the planet’s survival must read this vital work.’

—Jerry Mander, 1992. Author of In the Absence of the Sacred

‘an essential reference book in the debate between the scientific and holistic paradigms.’

—Walter Schwarz, The Guardian, 1992

‘A book to ponder on, study, read and reread . . . that changes one’s way of thinking and living.’

—Francis Carr, Landscape and Art Network, 1998

‘should be widely read by the public and especially government officials’

—Prof. David Pimentel (Cornell University), 1994

The Way is an encyclopedic review and critique of ecological thinking. And it is an urgent appeal for a major cultural transition based on a holistic ecological worldview.’

TRANET, 1993

‘[The Way] celebrates the richness and diversity of the science, philosophy, and spirituality of ecology.’

—Fritjof Capra, 1993. Author of The Tao of Physics

‘Every page sizzles with fervour and intellect.’

—Fred Pearce, BBC Wildlife Magazine, 1992

‘Goldsmith has not only the courage to challenge modern science, but the vision to define the ecological alternative.’

—Helena Norberg Hodge, 1992. Author of Ancient Futures

‘an inspiring vision of the sane path to a sensible, balanced relationship with nature.’

—Prof. Brian Goodwin (The Open University), 1992. Co-author of Theoretical Biology: Epigenetic and Evolutionary Order for Complex Systems

‘[The Way explores] just about every idea and concept, not only in ecology, but in the whole range of interfaces between humans and environment.’

—Prof. Eugene Odum (Georgia University), 1993. Author of Fundamentals of Ecology

‘an intellectually rigorous and emotionally compelling ecological worldview. May it be widely read—and widely acted on.’

—Bill McKibben, 1992. Author of The End of Nature

‘[Goldsmith’s] passionate exposition demonstrates that ecological thinking, far from being vague and limited, is both concrete and comprehensive in its wisdom’

—Charlene Spretnak, 1992. Author of States of Grace

‘an important work . . . Teddy Goldsmith has a total view and he expresses it forcefully and directly.’

—Prof. Arne Naess (University of Oslo). Founder of Deep Ecology

‘It is a delight to see so many dogmas of the scientific faith thrown to the winds by a mind of such precise critical intelligence and large understanding.’

—Kathleen Raine, 1992. Poet and author of Blake and Tradition

The Way is a powerful statement of the philosophy behind Green thinking’, ‘a splendid book that stirs the imagination. I shall read and re-read it.’

—James Lovelock, 2000 & 1992. Author of Gaia: a new look at life on earth


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