October 23, 2017

Water Whisperers: Tangaroa (2010)

Water Whisperers: Tangaroa is a film that celebrates ten communities facing serious water issues, who come up with amazingly simple solutions.

Filmed in stunning locations around Aotearoa (New Zealand), Water Whisperers: Tangaroa take us into the world of Golden Bay dairy farmers and shell fishermen. Together they restore the Aorere River.

In the Far North, at Poor Knights and Goat Island, the teeming sea life of Marine reserves is living proof of peoples passion – the passion to protect and safeguard our rivers, lakes, coastlines and oceans.

In the documentary Katherine Goldsmith is interviewed about the success of the Marunui Conservation Company in helping to preserve the natural hydrology of the area.

The land was originally acquired through the efforts of Teddy and Kathy Goldsmith. Since its foundation in 1987 the Company has grown and now comprises a group of 18 shareholdings.

The principal aim of Marunui Conservation Ltd. is to conserve and manage the flora and fauna of Marunui, an area of approximately 1,000 acres of covenanted land in the Mangawhai district of Northland, New Zealand.

Such land trusts are just one example of how private individuals may take the initiative and work together to help protect endangered ecosystems.

Further information

Wick Candle Films page on Water Whisperers Tangaroa. The film is available for purchase on this website from December 2010.

Landcare review and information on Water Whisperers Tangaroa.


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