November 19, 2017


Television and radio broadcasts made by Edward Goldsmith.


See also video of Edward Goldsmith available online.

  • BBC, 24 Hours: Laverbread. About the dangers of radioactive waste contaminating seaweed harvests. Interviewed. 7th August 1970
  • BBC, Thanks for the frying pan. About the technological spin offs from NASA’s moon missions. Member of the studio discussion panel (other members: Geoffrey Pardoe, Patrick Moore, Donald Gould). 11th May 1974
  • BBC, Heart of the Matter. About the anti-nuclear protest camp at Luxulyan, Cornwall. Interviewed. 31st May 1981
  • BBC, Choices. About whether we are adequate stewards of the earth and its resources. Contributor. 23rd August 1987
  • Channel 4, Edward Goldsmith: Green Revolutionary. TV documentary by Edward Goldsmith, first broadcast 28th January 1990 as part of the Fragile Earth series. (Shown again in August 1990.)
  • BBC, Horizon: Icon Earth. Different visions of the earth. Interviewed 20th March, 1995

Independent recordings

  • New Lamps for Old, “Edward Goldsmith, publisher of The Ecologist, talks with Satish Kumar, director of Schumacher College”, a video in the Schumacher Series, produced by Phil Shepherd, 1991
  • IFG Lifetime Achievement Award. Edited highlights of the award given by the International Forum on Globalization, in London, 2007. (Privately distributed)
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Independent recordings

  • Limits to Growth—Blueprint for Survival: a British view, recorded 27th September 1972
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