November 19, 2017


Courses taught by Edward Goldsmith

1975 University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Adjunct Associate Professor—sponsored by Mental Health Institute, Residential College and Humanities Department of Engineering Department, Michigan University
1978 Exeter University, UK Engaged by the Students’ Union to give a course of some ten lectures
Schumacher College, Totnes, Devon Lecturer
Worthyvale Manor, Cornwall Co-organizer of three-week courses for students on the “International Honors Program”
1981 Ecological Foundation, Worthyvale Manor, Camelford Residential Courses led by Ecologist editors and guests
1983 Sangamon State University, Springfield, Illinois Engaged to give a month’s course on Environmental Science
International Honors Program in conjunction with Bard College, New York State Engaged to set up an annual year’s round-the-world course in Global Ecology. Forged a team of people in different countries (UK, Spain, India, Thailand, New Zealand, Mexico and USA). Students are usually from American universities, and the year’s programme counts towards their degrees
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