November 19, 2017


Organisations Edward Goldsmith was directly involved with

  • Life member of “The Travellers” club, Paris (1949)
  • Member of the committee that founded the Primitive Peoples’ Fund, now called Survival International (1969), later sitting on the International Council of Survival International (1987)
  • Founder of The Ecologist, UK (1969):
    • Publisher 1969–2000
    • Editor 1969 to 1990, co-editor 1997–2000
  • Founder of The Ecologist overseas:
  • Founder and principal advisor to the Ecological Foundation, Withiel, Bodmin (1971)
  • Founder Unified Science Institute, Kew Green, Richmond, Surrey (1972)
  • Founder the Wadebridge Ecological Centre (1973)
  • Founder member of Cornwall Nuclear Alarm (1974)
  • Founder member of ECOROPA, a European ecological club and think-tank, serving as vice-president and president of the French branch (1975)
  • Trustee of the South West Rivers Trust, Falmouth (1980)
  • Trustee of The Foundation for GAIA (1983)
  • Founder member of Marunui Conservation Ltd., Mangawhai, New Zealand, 1987
  • Founder member of the Green Alliance——a Parliamentary Lobbying Group on the environment (together with Gordon Rattray Taylor, Gerard Morgan Grenville and Maurice Ash)
  • With his brother, Sir James Goldsmith, founded and helped to run the Goldsmith (JMG) Foundation (1991)
  • Patron of the Religious Education and Environment Programme (REEP—1992), UK
  • Board member of the International Forum on Globalization, San Francisco, USA
  • President of the Climate Initiatives Fund, Richmond, UK

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