November 19, 2017


Books and articles by other writers which discuss Edward Goldsmith and his work (including mentions, praise, * criticisms, ** personal attacks—of which, see Goldsmith’s rebuttal: My answer).

RESEARCHERS: The following list is by no means exhaustive. GoogleBooks now provides a comprehensive database of most texts published in the English language and is a recommended starting point for hunting down leads. If you cannot find a particular work online, you may wish to try your local library and use their inter-library loans service, or try the British Library directly which maintains a comprehensive archive of most published books and journals.


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  • «Teddy Goldsmith: Sauvons la Terre, Point de Vue», 22nd Août 1991 (interview, photos)
  • * «Le dérive extrémiste d’Antoine Waechter», Christiane Chombeau, Le Monde, 18 February 1999
  • * «Waechter accusé par les siens de dérive brune», Nicole Gauthier, Libération, 12 February 1999
  • * «Waechter, Goldsmith, etc.», Silence, No. 243, April 1999
  • «Recyclé», Liberation, 14th June 2001 (profile)
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  • Ecología y Espiritualidad, Pedro Burruezo, Obelisco, 2008
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  • “La Sociologia Ecologica di Edward Goldsmith”, Gianfranco de Santis, Doctoral thesis (University of Rome: Facolta Di Magistero, Corso di Laurea in Sociologia, 1978)
  • “From Earth’s last islands: the global origins of Green politics”, Christine Dann, Doctoral thesis, (Lincoln University, NZ, 1999), (entries)
  • “The Ecologist Magazine 1970–2007: a case study”, Kristen Harding, Master’s thesis (University of Plymouth, 28th September 2007), (entries)
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See Obituaries for Edward Goldsmith and obits (received) category

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  • Calling Stars: Words of “Paul the Carpenter”, November 1970 (manuscripts)
  • **—organisational connections according to Ron Arnold

See also: criticisms (rebuked), interviews (received), reviews (received), tributes (received), video, audio, gallery, and biography categories.

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