November 19, 2017


Talks and lectures made by Edward Goldsmith (untranscribed)

See also talks category for transcribed lectures, and the Events section for other similar events

Venue Subject
1969 Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, USA Traditional Religion
1970 New Hampshire, USA Ecology
1971 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), USA General Systems
1972 Michigan, USA Cybernetics
1972 France Le Debat Marcuse-Mansholt (transcribed in le nouvel Observateur, 25th June 1972)
1973 Michigan, USA Open Meeting
1973 Wellesley, USA Open Meeting
1973 Yale, USA Forestry
1973 Austrian Cybernetics Society, UK Cybernetics
1973 Building Forum—Planning and the Environment, Stirling University, September 12th “What is the ecological approach to building—physical, social and biological factors . . . for a stable society”
Gandhi Peace Foundation, India Ecological Issues
1974 Third International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, UK Philosophy of Science
1974 Bangor Science Festival—The Environmental Crisis, October 25th “Social Disintegration and The Urban Environment”
1975 Michigan State, USA Open Meeting
1975 Fourth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, USA Social Issues
1975 Concordia, Canada Open Meeting
1975 Toronto, Canada Open Meeting
1975 Ottawa, Canada Economics
1978 Ottawa, Canada Geography
1978 Queens (Belfast), UK Open Meeting
1978 New England, USA Lecture tour
1978 Institute of Technology (MIT), Massachusetts, USA Open Meeting
1978 Williams, USA Open Meeting
1978 Smith, USA Open Meeting
1979 Society for International Development, Italy Development
1979 The Other Economic Summit, France Economics
1980 Pomona College, USA Environmental Science
Auckland, New Zealand Environmental Science
1983 Academic Inn, London, July 21st “The Great Reinterpretation”
1985 Sussex, UK Development Studies
1990 Edinburgh, UK Human Ecology
1990 Common Security Seminar, Victoria University, Wellington. February 9th “New Priorities for the Future”
1991 Auckland, New Zealand Psychology
1991 Gorta—World Food Day Seminar, Dublin, October 16th “To Prevent World Famine We Must Reverse Current Agricultural Policies”
1993 Auckland, New Zealand Architecture
1993 Berkeley USA Geography, Environmental Resources
1993 Glamorgan UK Social Science
1993 Harvard, USA Faculty Club
1993 Institute of Noetic Sciences, USA The Way: an Ecological Worldview
1993 Lancaster, UK Environmental Ethics
1993 Lincoln USA Environmental Science
1993 New Hampshire, USA Business Studies
1993 Pomona College, USA Theology
1993 The Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce, UK The Local Economy
1993 The World Bank Development Aid
1993 A Symposium on Ecological Education, Lincoln Land Community College, Illinois, April 16th “The New Scientific Paradigm and Its Emergent Education Process”
1994 Schweisfurth Foundation, Germany The Globalisation of the Economy
1997 3rd colloquium of the Delta Stichting, Belgian connection of GRECE, November 11th “Against progress: the U-turn we need”
1998 Jupiter Trust, Oxford, October 30th “Is scientific truth relevant?”
1999 Nouvelle Écologie: “Ecology against progress?”, February 17th “Family, Community, Democracy”
2000 Dia Mundial del Medi Ambient, Barcelona, June 5th “Una visio ecologista del mon”
2001 The Temenos Academy. “Ecology—A Sacred Trust” lecture series, presented in collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation and The Gaia Foundation. April 4th “Architecture and Art as a means of maintaining the order of the Cosmos”
2002 Acqua suolo clima globalizzazione at Sette Giorni Al Verde per uno sviluppo sostenible, Foggia, Italy. October 5th Talk
2002 BioCultura conference, Madrid, November 3rd “La ecologia: una nueva religion?”
2005 Jupiter Trust, Oxford, November 18th “The Way Ahead” (final public talk)
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