October 23, 2017

Edward Goldsmith

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The Way – Introduction

The Way - An Ecological Worldview

Below is the Introduction that appears in the Special Edition of Edward Goldsmith’s magnum opus, The Way – An Ecological Worldview, published by Veltune Publishing, 8th November 2014. Introduction MODERN SOCIETY is rapidly destroying the natural world on which it depends for its survival. Everywhere on our planet the picture is the same. Forests are […]

The Doomsday Fun Book

Doomsday Funbook front cover

Published in February 2006, the Doomsday Fun Book is a folio-sized collection of editorials and other short articles, richly illustrated by Richard Willson, who was cartoonist extraordinary to The Ecologist from its beginning in 1970, and edited by Edward Goldsmith. Find booksellers for the Funbook. Read the back cover blurb here. As Edward Goldsmith states […]

Robert Waller

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Robert Waller was editor of Mother Earth, the Soil Association‘s journal, from 1964 into the early 1970’s, when he left to become a freelance writer and campaign for a democratic, socialist form of organic farming. He later served on the Editorial Board of The Ecologist magazine. He had formerly been secretary to Desmond McCarthy, and […]

Participating in democracy

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Preface to The urban village: a charter for democracy and sustainable development in the city, by Alberto Magnaghi. Published by Zed Books, September 2005. The thesis of this important little book is a very radical one. Alberto Magnaghi, a highly respected town planner, is in effect calling for the reversal of present trends towards a […]

Does development create or mitigate poverty?

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Does economic development reduce or increase poverty? Does it benefit the countries of the Third World or the corporations of the West? Is it irreconcilable with finite natural resources? Or would its opponents simply condemn billions to lives that are nasty, brutal and short? Clare Short and Teddy Goldsmith discuss. Teddy Goldsmith is the founder […]

Ecologie et Spiritualité – Edward Goldsmith (2004)


Edward Goldsmith speaks at the Forum Écologie et Spiritualité, held at the Karma Ling Institute, Field of Avalon, France, 3rd October 2004. Followed by an interview. «French language»

Conservation is not enough


In this previously unpublished piece from 2004, Edward Goldsmith explains the stark choice between further economic development on the one hand, and saving the last vestiges of the natural world for future generations on the other. Why should we have to devote so much time and energy to conserving the natural world with its forests, […]

Our climate – the key question

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Introductory address by Edward Goldsmith to the “San Rossore – A New Global Vision” Climate Congress. This event was organised by Claudio Martini, President of the Tuscan Region, and took place at San Rossore, Pisa, Tuscany, Italy, 15-16 July 2004. I have been asked to introduce this important conference and shall try to sum up […]

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