October 22, 2017

Edward Goldsmith

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World Ecological Areas Programme – a proposal to save the world’s tropical rain forests

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The idea is simple at its core – instead of paying poor countries to destroy their forests, pay them to keep their forests. Published in The Ecologist Vol. 1 Nos. 1–2, January–February 1980. See also another version of this article published in Environmental Conservation Vol. 7 No. 1, winter 1981. How can this fatal trend […]

Ecologists in a distorting mirror

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Book Review: Systems Ecology by H. H. Shugart and R. V. O’Neill. Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross Inc. Pennsylvania. Published in The Ecologist Vol. 10 Nos. 1/2, January/February 1980. This is a collection of papers that have already appeared in various specialised journals such as Simulation, The Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control, Ecology and […]

Pesticides create pests

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Published in The Ecologist Vol. 10 No. 3, March 1980. Shell chemicals currently run an advertisement which states that 30 percent of the world’s crops is consumed by pests. The implication is clear: more and more pesticides must be bought from Shell to spray over the world’s crops in order to make more food available […]

The scapegoat principle

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A leading article for The Ecologist Vol. 10 No. 3, March 1980, by The Editors. Republished in The Doomsday Funbook (Jon Carpenter Books, February 2006). See ordering information for the Funbook. The phenoxy herbicides are a group that includes 2,4,5-T and 2,4,D. Of the two, 2,4,D is by far the biggest money spinner. According to […]

Under control?

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Do the laws regulating pesticide use in Britain really protect our health and environment? This article was written as the Introduction to The Pesticide Conspiracy by Robert van den Bosch (April 1980, Doubleday, reprinted November 1989, University of California Press). It was also published in The Ecologist Vol. 10 No. 3, March 1980. In the […]

Ethnocracy: the lesson from Africa

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This article sets out the roots of Africa’s continuing wars, strife and poverty as the outcome of the colonial powers’ creation of artificial borders that defy ethnic and religious boundaries. Now frozen in the modern nations of Africa, these boundaries combined with the tribalisation of politics have created a situation seemingly impossible for Africa to […]

The ecology of health

The Great U-turn

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Modern health services have failed to deliver the promised goods, argues Edward Goldsmith. He attributes this failure to the “chemical warfare” approach to treating disease and our decision, as a society, to subordinate health needs to the imperatives of the economy and industry. It was originally published in The Ecologist Vol. 10 Nos. 6–7, July-September […]

Preparing for collapse

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Edward Goldsmith marks the tenth anniversary issue of The Ecologist (1980) by looking ahead to the inevitable social, economic, and environmental crises that our society is geared towards as it comes up against limits to growth. It is now ten years since we produced the first issue of The Ecologist and it is time to […]

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