November 17, 2017

Edward Goldsmith

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The Way – an overview (Resurgence)

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An article written for Resurgence magazine around the time of publication of Teddy’s great work The Way in 1992. I regard the book as my life’s work. I started working on it more than forty years ago, and have worked on it, on and off, ever since. It starts off by showing how totally aberrant […]

The way to cosmic harmony

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A review of The Way by Edward Goldsmith by Pedro Burrezo, editor of The Ecologist for Spain and Latin America and member of its publisher, EcoActivistas. It was originally published in The Ecologist under the title ‘Icaria – la mirada esférica’. This article was kindly translated for this website by Victoria Miller. Edward Goldsmith is […]

Towards an ecological worldview

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This is one of several articles by Edward Goldsmith in which he formulates, in increasing detail, the necessity for humankind to adopt “an ecological world view”, and investigating its nature. These short works culminate in his great work The Way – an ecoloigical world view, first published in 1992. This article is of uncertain date […]

Edward Goldsmith – Corporate Organised Crime (1992)


Edward Goldsmith describes how the nuclear industry and many other multi­national corporations amount to little more than vast criminal enterprises (1992).

Economic development and environmental destruction

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From Intach No. 16, 1992. The terrible environmental problems that confront us today, and those that threaten the very survival of our species on this planet, are the inevitable consequence of economic development, which is ironically identified with progress, an overriding concern of almost every government throughout the world today. This is not generally realised, […]

Stark choices on the road from Rio

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Edward Goldsmith examined the upcoming “Earth Summit” conference in Rio de Janeiro, June 1992 – reaching pessimistic conclusions which have been all too amply fulfilled. The real global threat, he argues, is the relentless demand for growth. Published in The Sunday Times, 31 May 1992. It is essential to realise the extreme seriousness of the […]

Pointing the way (interview)

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Real World magazine Interviews Teddy Goldsmith about A Blueprint for Survival, The Way, and the need to move towards a sustainable society. Published in Real World No. 6, summer 1992. Our discussion started by going back to A Blueprint for Survival. Its warnings about the future were dismissed by many at the time. It was […]

Exposing the myth of economic growth

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Foreword to The Growth Illusion: how economic growth has enriched the few, impoverished the many and endangered the planet, by Richard Douthwaite. Published by Green Books, April 1992. Modern industrial man regards economic growth (or ‘economic develop­ment’, as it is called when it occurs in the Third World) as synonymous with progress, and thus sacred. […]

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