October 23, 2017

Edward Goldsmith

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The cosmic in art, architecture and ecology at the Millennium

Khanaqah ceiling, Mahan, Iran, 15th century

Published in A Sacred Trust: Ecology and Spritual Vision, edited by David Cadman and John Carey. Tenemos Academy Papers No. 17, 2002. In this essay, Edward Goldsmith argues that the original role of art is to express mankind’s relationship with the cosmos. *     *     * Original note: Towards the begin­ning of his remarks, Edward Goldsmith related an […]

Introduction to World Rescue

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Introduction to the booklet World Rescue by Nares Craig, 2002 The French seventeenth century philosopher, Blaise Pascale, once apologized to a lady he corresponded with for writing her such a long letter, but, as he sought to make her understand, he “did not have the time to write her a shorter one”. This may appear […]

An ecological worldview

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Judith Elliston interviews Teddy Goldsmith for Pataphysics. The article may also be found on their previous website here. Judith Elliston: Do you think there is a heightening happening in late-capitalist development, before the end – a speeding up of bio-destruction and growing inequalities, failure of democracies, etc . . . ? Teddy Goldsmith: We have […]

Rediscovering economics

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A talk given at the London School of Economics, 30 January 2002. Chairman: Professor Herbert Girardet Rather like Herbie I have been very much influenced by traditional societies which are not very fashionable these days. In my opinion it is an act of some arrogance to decree that 99 percent of human experience on this […]

Can the Bretton Wood institutions stamp out poverty?

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This important article was completed around 21 March 2002. We have no record of its publication so it is presumed unpublished. For the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Trade Organization (WTO)—i.e. the Bretton Woods Institutions—the maximiz­ation of world trade and the economic development that this promotes is the key to […]

Development always brings more poverty

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Published in Open Forum, Humanitarian Affairs Review, spring 2002. Edward Goldsmith, editor of The Ecologist and co-author of The Case Against the Global Economy strongly disagrees with Keith Marsden’s article in the Autumn issue of Humanitarian Affairs Review. In his article, Keith Marsden challenged many of the claims of anti-globalisation demonstrators. Goldsmith argues here that […]

Letter to the Guardian

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This letter was written to John Vidal, the Guardian‘s environment editor, in response to accusations by George Monbiot in “Stealing our clothes”, published in the Guardian on 30 April 2002. The article also appears on Monbiot’s website under the title “Black shirts in green trousers”. In the article, Monbiot asserts that Edward Goldsmith “assumes that […]

Le Piège se Referme – Introduction

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Introduction by Edward Goldsmith to Le Piège se Referme (The Trap Snaps Shut) (Plon, May 2002), in which he and other authors take a fresh look at Le Piège (The Trap), by his brother, Jimmy Goldsmith (Editions Fixot, March 1994). Le Piège se Referme contains a collection of writings by Maurice Allais (Winner of a […]

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