November 19, 2017

Edward Goldsmith

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Ecologie et Spiritualité – Edward Goldsmith (2004)


Edward Goldsmith speaks at the Forum Écologie et Spiritualité, held at the Karma Ling Institute, Field of Avalon, France, 3rd October 2004. Followed by an interview. «French language»

Italian interview – Edward Goldsmith


Edward Goldsmith interviewed in Siena, Italy. (Date unknown) «Italian language» (overdubbed) Part 1   Part 2

Globalisation and Maori (1998)


Edward Goldsmith explains the corporate takeover of governments and the global centralised planning being orchestrated by multinationals via the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Globalisation and Maori explores this corporate agenda through its impact upon the Maori of Aotearoa (New Zealand) and other peoples. TKM Productions, Aotearoa 1998. See also Aotearoa: Land of the Long White […]

The Environmental Dilemma – a dialogue between Teddy Goldsmith & Jack Shallcrass (1995)

Environmental Dilemma

Edward Goldsmith and Jack Shallcrass debate the detrimental effects of economic development, and its alternatives. Recorded in New Zealand, 1995. Watch all six parts here.

Edward Goldsmith – Corporate Organised Crime (1992)


Edward Goldsmith describes how the nuclear industry and many other multi­national corporations amount to little more than vast criminal enterprises (1992).

Edward Goldsmith – Small Farms (1991)

Small Farms

Edward Goldsmith explains how the revival of small farms benefits society as a whole. Excerpt from New Lamps for Old—an interview with Edward Goldsmith, 1991 Schumacher College.

“New Lamps for Old” – interview (1991)

New Lamps

Satish Kumar interviews Edward Goldsmith founder of The Ecologist magazine and author of The Way: an ecological world view. Produced by Phil Shepherd for Schumacher College, 1991. See also the transcript here.

“Edward Goldsmith – The Green Revolutionary” (1990)

Green Revolutionary

Edward Goldsmith argues that the planetary crisis facing us today cannot be solved by further economic development and technological innovation but only through the cooperative efforts of ordinary people guided by their faith in traditional wisdom. First aired as part of Channel 4’s Fragile Earth series, 28th January 1990, UK. See also transcripts: Part One […]