November 19, 2017

The Way – Special Edition (2014)

Special Edition of The Way – An Ecological Worldview

In the final years of his life, Edward Goldsmith undertook the process of improving the text of his major work. The resulting ‘special edition’ of The Way (2009/14) incorporates many qualifications and clarifications of the author’s ideas intended to dispel some of the more common misconceptions and misreadings that had emerged over the years.

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Statement about the publication of the Special Edition of The Way – An Ecological Worldview

Since its original publication in 1992, The Way has slowly begun to leave its mark on the wider discussion of ideas in areas as diverse as transition and sustainability, systems thinking, political and moral philosophy, theology, comparative law, cultural history, and even as far afield as business, media, and agricultural studies.* It was felt that the time had come for a new version of the work that the author had been developing for most of his career, involving a maturation of thought that had begun long before the establishment of The Ecologist in 1969, developing right through into the final years of his life.

The literary executors of the author’s estate, having fulfilled the final steps required to make the text available for publication as per the late author’s instructions, present this Special Edition of Edward Goldsmith’s The Way – An Ecological Worldview.

—November 2014


* See About/Others for a list of works that cite Edward Goldsmith and The Way.

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Changes and improvements to the text

The language has been brought up-to-date with contemporary usage and made more consistent throughout. Difficult terms have been rendered into plain English, where appropriate, or expanded and explained in greater detail where necessary. Similarly, various difficult passages have been rewritten to aid clarity. The titles and order of chapters have been altered to improve the progression of ideas. The glossary now contains considerably more definitions of key terms and concepts, while outlining many of the critical ideas discussed in the main text.

Further illustrative examples have been added or updated here and there to help establish important points, and the pivotal chapter 37 has been substantially rewritten to aid clarity.

A comprehensive process of copy editing has also been employed to ‘remaster’ the entire text, eliminating various errata that had accumulated over numerous versions and publications – tidying-up and improving the fidelity of quotations, references, and the bibliography. The latter now includes full titles and subtitles of works to improve its usefulness for students and researchers. A new Subject Index focuses more effectively on the important areas of discussion, while the Name Index has been improved with expanded names to aid in the identification of the many authors quoted in the text. In addition, the book has a smaller format and has been typeset with extensive diacritics and traditional ligatures for the various languages cited throughout.

This Special Edition is being made available as a print-on-demand (PoD) paperback, with the aim of minimising production, distribution, and storage footprints.

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