October 23, 2017

Exposing the myth of economic growth

The Growth Illusion front cover

Foreword to The Growth Illusion: how economic growth has enriched the few, impoverished the many and endangered the planet, by Richard Douthwaite. Published by Green Books, April 1992. Modern industrial man regards economic growth (or ‘economic develop­ment’, as it is called when it occurs in the Third World) as synonymous with progress, and thus sacred. […]

Free Trade and GATT

Towards Hope (cover)

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This talk was delivered at the India International Centre on 13 December 1991 as part of a series of lectures and meetings organised by the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) in 1991-1992. It was then published by INTACH in Towards Hope – an ecological approach to the future by Vandana Shiva, […]

Uncle Teddy

Green Warriors front cover

This is a chapter about Teddy Goldsmith from Green Warriors by the prodigious environmental writer Fred Pearce. Green Warriors was edited by Jill Black, and published by The Bodley Head, London, 10 January 1991. The publisher’s synopsis reads: “As the century comes to a close and we begin to comprehend the scale and brutality of […]

Foreword to The Earth Report 2

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The last two years have seen considerable changes in the public’s perception of the environmental problems that confront us today. More and more people have woken up to the realization that we are rapidly destroying our planet and that something must be done about it. As a result more and more people are joining environmental […]

Gaia and Evolution (preface)

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Preface for Gaia and Evolution: Proceedings of the Second Annual Camelford Conference on the Implications of the Gaia Thesis If we accept the Gaia Thesis, in which the Earth is seen to be a planetary system with certain self-regulating features that are controlled by the combined activities of the biota, such as surface temperature, climate, […]

The Earth Report – Preface

Earth Report - front cover

The highly influential Earth Report, edited by Edward Goldsmith and Nicholas Hildyard, was published in 1988 by Mitchell Beazley, London. The US edition was published by Price Stern Loan, Los Angeles, California, also in 1988. Edward Goldsmith wrote the Preface which is reproduced below. Other chapters were: “Man and the Natural Order” by Donald Worster […]

The Jewish community of Frankfurt

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Preface to The Jewish Community of Frankfurt: a genealogical study 1349-1849 by Alexander Dietz. Edited by Isobel Mordy. Vanderher Publications, Cornwall 1988 I have great pleasure in presenting the first English version of Alexander Dietz’s remarkable study: Stammbuch der Frankfurter Juden that was first published in Frankfurt in 1907. The English version is a little […]

The problem of deforestation

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From the Global Forest Fund Theme Book, JCI (Junior Chamber International) Conference, Rotterdam, 1982. In a few decades, world tropical forests will have been cleared. This is a terrible tragedy, not only because they are so magnificent and so awe-inspiring, but deforestation in the tropics is the first step towards poverty, malnutrition and eventual starvation. […]