November 25, 2017

Covering up the future

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The Foreword by Edward Goldsmith for Cover up: the facts they don’t want you to know by Nicholas Hildyard, co-editor of The Ecologist. Published by New English Library in 1981 (hardback) and 1983 (paperback). In October 1980, Mr Trevor Brown, head of the chemical division at Aldermaston responsible for processing weapons grade plutonium, was officially […]

Under control?

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Do the laws regulating pesticide use in Britain really protect our health and environment? This article was written as the Introduction to The Pesticide Conspiracy by Robert van den Bosch (April 1980, Doubleday, reprinted November 1989, University of California Press). It was also published in The Ecologist Vol. 10 No. 3, March 1980. In the […]

The Careless Technology

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Introduction to The Careless Technology, eds. M. Taghi Farvar and John P. Milton, 1973. The technologist in antiquity tended to be held in low esteem. Like the Titans, he must steal the fire from the Gods, and thereby earn the wrath of Zeus. Among extant primitive societies he fares scarcely better: the blacksmiths, for instance, […]

Limits of growth in natural systems

Can Britain Survive? - front cover

This paper was first published in the General Systems: Yearbook of the Society for General Systems Research, Volume XVI, 1971. It subsequently appeared as Chapter 3 of Can Britain Survive?, published by Tom Stacey, London, 1971, and Sphere Books, London, 1971 (paperback). « previous chapter · contents · next chapter » The first stage in the study […]