November 19, 2017

criticisms (rebuked)

My answer

Edward Goldsmith attending "Forum 2000" in Prague, 2002 (photo by Jan Symon)

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Edward Goldsmith came under attack from all sides of the political spectrum for his uncompromising and firmly-held views. In this article of December 1999 (first published in January 2003), he robustly defends himself against his various detractors. I have been under heavy, often vitriolic, attack in the last year. For some of my critics I […]

Letter to the Guardian

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This letter was written to John Vidal, the Guardian‘s environment editor, in response to accusations by George Monbiot in “Stealing our clothes”, published in the Guardian on 30 April 2002. The article also appears on Monbiot’s website under the title “Black shirts in green trousers”. In the article, Monbiot asserts that Edward Goldsmith “assumes that […]

Cooking up right-wing connections

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In this letter, published in The Guardian on Tuesday 18 July 2000, Edward Goldsmith responds to Age of Rage by Fred Pearce, published previously in The Guardian on Wednesday July 12, 2000. See also My Answer, Goldsmith’s extensive rebuttal of these and other similar attacks. Fred Pearce’s article on The Ecologist‘s record over the last […]

Letter to Ecotheology

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A letter sent to the editor of Ecotheology, replying to a review of The Way: an ecological worldview. First I must thank you for publishing a review of my book The Way: An Ecological Worldview (Ecotheology 3 (1998), pp. 92-93). This book has now come out in the UK (two editions), and the US (two […]

Is the World Bank financing impoverishment and famine?

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  Dear Mr Clausen, As you will remember, a special double issue of The Ecologist (Vol. 15, No. 1/2) contained an open letter to you, in which I accused your organisation, the World Bank, of funding environmentally and socially destructive projects that were seriously contributing to the escalation of poverty, malnutrition and famine throughout the […]

The Luxulyan Occupation

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A letter to the editor of The Times of London about the anti-nuclear camp at Luxulyan. Dear sir, As three who participated in the Luxulyan occupation right from the very start, and who attended the final day of the hearings in the Court of Appeal, we write to express our utter dismay at Lord Denning’s […]

Mellanby versus theory and fact

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This letter to Kenneth Mellanby follows the earlier exchange, “What makes Kenny run?”. It was published in The Ecologist Vol. 8 No. 5, September–October 1978. Edward Goldsmith replies: I must thank you for taking the trouble to answer my criticisms, nevertheless more criticisms must follow for I do not find your arguments at all convincing. […]