December 11, 2017

Peter Bunyard

Peter Bunyard was a founding editor of The Ecologist and continues as its science editor

Richard Willson – R.I.P.

Richard Willson cartoon - The Ecologist (Vol 28 No 5 - September - October 1998)

Peter Bunyard and Robert Prescott-Allen remember their old friend, cartoonist extraordinaire, Richard Willson who died in November 2011. By the time of Teddy Goldsmith’s memorial service, almost two years’ ago, Richard Willson was suffering severely from Parkinson’s disease, but his mind was as razor sharp as ever. He had made an extraordinary effort to be […]

How The Ecologist began . . .

The Ecologist first issue July 1970

Peter Bunyard recounts how he, Teddy, Jean Liedloff and Robert Allen started The Ecologist in 1969. Starting out: how Teddy Goldsmith launched the Ecologist 40 years ago “Running a magazine on a shoestring budget; printing unpopular but groundbreaking analyses; fighting off lawsuits: the Ecologist has evolved over its 40 year history, but the passion present […]

Teddy Goldsmith – a Tribute

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Peter Bunyard, a long standing friend and colleague of Teddy’s, offers his personal tribute. Written on 28 August 2009. A shorter version of this article was published on The Ecologist website. Teddy died on August 21st, in Tuscany, in his hill-top house, a converted convent, which overlooked one of his favourite places in all the […]

Gaia and Evolution (preface)

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Preface for Gaia and Evolution: Proceedings of the Second Annual Camelford Conference on the Implications of the Gaia Thesis If we accept the Gaia Thesis, in which the Earth is seen to be a planetary system with certain self-regulating features that are controlled by the combined activities of the biota, such as surface temperature, climate, […]

Tropical forests: a plan for action

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The world’s tropical forests are being destroyed at the rate of 100 acres every minute of the day. Their destruction has variously been described as “the greatest natural calamity since the Ice Age” [1], “the greatest biological disaster ever perpetrated by man” [2] and “a threat to civilisation second only to thermonuclear war”. [3] Editorial […]

Misleading the public

Ecologist (Vol 10 No 6-7 - July - August - September 1980)

This article by Peter Bunyard and Edward Goldsmith has been condensed from the special issue of The Ecologist dedicated to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster (Vol. 16, No. 4–5, 1986). It was published in this form in The Doomsday Funbook (Jon Carpenter Books, February 2006). See ordering information for the Funbook. Today, much of the information […]

Industrial pollution: getting away with the crime

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In the UK, there is little effective legal sanction against even the most egregiously criminal industrial polluters. But in the USA, aggressive prosecutors armed with effective environmental laws have achieved remarkable successes. This editorial article, co-written with Peter Bunyard, was published in The Ecologist Vol. 14 No. 4, August 1984. In Britain the legal system […]

France – country of the atom

Ecologist (Vol 29 No 7 - November 1999)

If nuclear power seems cheap in France, it is because half the costs have been ignored. An accurate accounting of costs, direct and indirect, reveals France’s massive nuclear electricity programme as a ruinously expensive folly. Written with Peter Bunyard, co-editor of The Ecologist. Published in The Ecologist Vol. 11 No. 6, December 1981. France’s nuclear […]