October 22, 2017

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A true hero of the Earth

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Katherine Victoria Goldsmith reflects on how her husband Edward Goldsmith, founder of The Ecologist, spurned a life of easy privilege to spend his life studying, writing and vigorously opposing the established ideas of economic progress – in the process galvanising the environmental movement worldwide. Adapted from an article printed in the Arab Ecologist in January […]

Rewriting economics (LSE version)

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The ‘dismal science’ of economics has developed in isolation from other sciences, in particular those that concern the living world. As a result, what is necessary to preserve our planet’s life processes is all too likely to be ‘irrational’ from an economic standpoint. The choice is simple: to rewrite economics, or to destroy the natural […]

Art and ethics

William Morris - author of "Hopes and Fears for Art" (photograph by Elliott & Fry 1877)

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Edward Goldsmith explores the themes of knowledge, intuition, aesthetics and the Sacred. Published in The Structurist magazine Nos. 41-42, 2001-2002: “Art and Altruism”. It seems increasingly clear that the principal method of acquiring knowledge about the World, is via a mysterious, ill-defined process we call intuition and that is closely related to our emotions and to […]

Rethinking basic assumptions

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The ‘New Labour’ government led by Tony Blair is not just a disappointment from an ecological perspective, it is the worst government that Britain has ever had: assiduous in its efforts to please multinational corporations, ever seeking to promote dangerous and untested new technologies, utterly subservient to power, and despite its superficial green rhetoric, always […]

Development always brings more poverty

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Published in Open Forum, Humanitarian Affairs Review, spring 2002. Edward Goldsmith, editor of The Ecologist and co-author of The Case Against the Global Economy strongly disagrees with Keith Marsden’s article in the Autumn issue of Humanitarian Affairs Review. In his article, Keith Marsden challenged many of the claims of anti-globalisation demonstrators. Goldsmith argues here that […]

An ecological worldview

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Judith Elliston interviews Teddy Goldsmith for Pataphysics. The article may also be found on their previous website here. Judith Elliston: Do you think there is a heightening happening in late-capitalist development, before the end – a speeding up of bio-destruction and growing inequalities, failure of democracies, etc . . . ? Teddy Goldsmith: We have […]

The cosmic in art, architecture and ecology at the Millennium

Khanaqah ceiling, Mahan, Iran, 15th century

Published in A Sacred Trust: Ecology and Spritual Vision, edited by David Cadman and John Carey. Tenemos Academy Papers No. 17, 2002. In this essay, Edward Goldsmith argues that the original role of art is to express mankind’s relationship with the cosmos. *     *     * Original note: Towards the begin­ning of his remarks, Edward Goldsmith related an […]

The gene for unemployment

Ex nuclear scientist

There is an increasing tendency to blame human ills – physical and psychological – on ‘defective’ genes. But is it our genes that are defective? Or is it rather the pathological environment in which we live? Deprived of community, eating nutritionally impoverished foods, surrounded by industrial pollution . . . the raw conditions of life […]

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