October 23, 2017


Transcripts of talks given by Edward Goldsmith

Our climate – the key question

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Introductory address by Edward Goldsmith to the “San Rossore – A New Global Vision” Climate Congress. This event was organised by Claudio Martini, President of the Tuscan Region, and took place at San Rossore, Pisa, Tuscany, Italy, 15-16 July 2004. I have been asked to introduce this important conference and shall try to sum up […]

Rewriting economics (LSE version)

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The ‘dismal science’ of economics has developed in isolation from other sciences, in particular those that concern the living world. As a result, what is necessary to preserve our planet’s life processes is all too likely to be ‘irrational’ from an economic standpoint. The choice is simple: to rewrite economics, or to destroy the natural […]

Forum 2000

Edward Goldsmith attending "Forum 2000" in Prague, 2002 (photo by Jan Symon)

Edward Goldsmith was a panellist at the plenary session of the 2002 meeting of Forum 2000 in Prague, an event founded by the Czech President Václav Havel, Japanese philanthropist Yohei Sasakawa, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel. Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman. I am afraid that for me there is an unbridgeable gap […]

Rediscovering economics

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A talk given at the London School of Economics, 30 January 2002. Chairman: Professor Herbert Girardet Rather like Herbie I have been very much influenced by traditional societies which are not very fashionable these days. In my opinion it is an act of some arrogance to decree that 99 percent of human experience on this […]

An Agricultural Testament: the key to surviving the 21st century

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On 2 October 2001 Edward Goldsmith was honoured with the Millennium Gandhi Award by the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, New Delhi. Co-recipients of the Award included Ajarn Sulak Sivaraksa, Satish Kumar, Mohammad Idris, Sunderlal Bahaguna and Krishnam-mal & Jaganathan. The ceremony followed a 3-day conference on “Globalisation, Environment and People’s Survival” taking […]

Unhygienic – or just small-scale? (long version)


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Across the world small and traditional food producers and retailers are being closed down by burdensome Government regulations requiring massive expenditures on ‘hygiene’. Is the real motive to close down such small-scale food producers, leaving the big industrial combines to clean up their markets? Published in The Ecologist Special Report June 2001. Republished in Rivista […]

Gaia and the global corporations (extended version)

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This is an extended version of Edward Goldsmith’s talk presented at the “Policing the Global Economy – why, how and for whom?” international conference, held in Geneva, 23-25 March 1998, and presented again as the keynote address at the International Forum on Globalization in April 1998. This extended version was published in Caduceus magazine issues […]

Policing the global environment

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This talk was presented at the “Policing the Global Economy – why, how and for whom?” international conference, held in Geneva, 23-25 March 1998. The conference was organized by the Bellerive Foundation and Globe International, and co-sponsored by the W. Alton Jones Foundation. Proceedings of the conference were edited by Sadruddin Aga Khan, and published […]

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