June 28, 2017


Chile’s large dam projects


International Rivers explains the problems associated with a series of large dams planned on Chile’s Pascua and Baker Rivers. Chile recently approved the building of a series of large dam complexes on the Pascua and Baker Rivers amidst one of the last remaining pristine wildernesses on Earth. Further permission for a 1900 kilometer transmission line […]

The Promethean Enterprise


RapNews bring us their latest musings on what it’s all about (above); in particular: Man’s quest for ultimate knowledge. But is this the kind of knowledge that we really need? Edward Goldsmith suggests not, and shows how Science has become a kind of quasi-religious cult, misdirecting our attentions away from the knowledge and wisdom that […]

The Prince of Wales’s message for Rio+20


The Prince of Wales addresses the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this week. In his address, The Prince of Wales argues for an integrated multidisciplinary approach towards our understanding of the current global crises and in our implementation of possible solutions for them (click the […]

Seeds of Freedom (2012)

Seeds of Freedom

Seeds of Freedom charts the story of seeds from their root at the heart of traditional, diversity-rich farming systems across the world, to being transformed into a powerful commodity used to monopolise the global food system. The film highlights the extent to which the industrial agricultural system, and genetically modified seeds (GMO) in particular, has […]

The Crisis of Civilization (2012)

The Crisis of Civilization (2012)

Based on the book A Users Guide to the Crisis of Civilization: and how to save it, Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed explains how systemic failings intrinsic to industrial society are converging inexorably towards its collapse before the century’s end. Rather than attempting to change the current industrial system—which is the root of the problem—policy makers […]

The Athabasca tar sands

Athabasca Tar Sands

As a result of the peak in global crude oil production and the subsequent explosion in oil prices, the world’s largest and dirtiest industrial project is racing ahead in the Canadian heartland of Alberta. The oil industry is now heavily engaged in excavating the vast, and previously uneconomic, tar sands sitting under the Athabasca boreal […]

Belo Monte – announcement of war (2012)

Belo Monte (2012)

The construction of the Belo Monte dam is one of the most controversial developments ever seen in Brazilian history. The issues raised by its construction go beyond environmental, cultural and social impacts. The approval of a gigantic development in the heart of the Amazon forest, among indigenous lands, has raised alarming concerns. The independent film […]

GMOs and human guinea pigs

Dr Árpád Pusztai

Árpád Pusztai is the pioneering biochemist who first alerted the public to the health risks of consuming genetically modified food. After immediate and widespread praise for his findings, he was summarily dismissed from his post at the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health—his career in tatters. Who was behind this silencing of public-interest science? With […]

Global warming unabated while Arctic ice recedes

Global warming

*UPDATE* 22nd August 2012. Arctic sea ice—both by area and volume—is set to reach record lows this year and, if predictions are correct, will be completely absent during the summer from around 2015 onwards. Some climatologists believe that this catastrophic reduction in Arctic ice-cover is directly responsible for the extreme weather being experienced in the […]

Aluna (2012) – the Kogis return


In this new film, Alan Ereira returns to the Kogi of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Columbia, 20 years on from his first visit,* which opened the world to this lost pre-Columbian civilisation and its message that we (“the Younger Brothers”) are set on a course of global self-destruction. This time they lead […]

Progress? Whose progress?

Progress kills

Survival International asks the great taboo question of our time—is the industrial development model really progressive? And who does it really benefit? Find out more with SI’s special report “Progress Can Kill”. Read Edward Goldsmith’s related article Development as colonialism. And watch Wade Davis’s powerful video presentation below examining the rapid extinction of our planet’s […]

Brazil’s large dam projects

Amazonian tribes threatened by Brazil's large dam projects

*UPDATE* 15th August 2012. Court halts work on Belo Monte dam A high-level court yesterday suspended construction of the controversial Belo Monte dam project on the Amazon’s Xingu River, citing overwhelming evidence that indigenous people had not been properly consulted prior to government approval of the project. [. . . MORE . . .] Learn […]

The age of cheap oil is over (2011)

Fatih Birol

The IEA’s chief economist, Dr Fatih Birol, describes how the IEA now believe that conventional (crude) oil production peaked in 2006 and how the age of increasing oil prices is now upon us. A transcript of the original program aired on Australia’s ABC can be found here. Further, the IEA also claims the world has […]

300 years of fossil fuels in 300 seconds (2010)


Richard Heinberg explains where we’re at, how we got here, and what we need to do about it . . . From the Post Carbon Institute. See also GasLand (2010), and the IEA’s chief economist, Dr Fatih Birol, stating that conventional (crude) oil production peaked in 2006.

GasLand (2010)


Josh Fox’s documentary-exposé of the gas “fracking” industry and its mis­leading attempts to portray this highly polluting technology as a “greener” source of energy (trailer below). Find out more here (blog), and here (pdf).

Schooling the World (2010)

Schooling the World

“Schooling the World: The White Man’s Last Burden”. Education as the ultimate act of Western colonialism, destroying cultural diversity and spreading human monoculture—in its own image—around the globe. Interviews with Wade Davis, Vandana Shiva, Helena Norberg-Hodge, et alia. Schooling the World website. Trailer below.

Water Whisperers: Tangaroa (2010)

Water Whisperers

Water Whisperers: Tangaroa is a film that celebrates ten communities facing serious water issues, who come up with amazingly simple solutions. Filmed in stunning locations around Aotearoa (New Zealand), Water Whisperers: Tangaroa take us into the world of Golden Bay dairy farmers and shell fishermen. Together they restore the Aorere River. In the Far North, […]

HOME (2009)


Yann Arthus-Bertrand‘s breathtaking reflection upon the state of the planet. Narrated by Glenn Close (fan trailer below). Click here to watch the film on YouTube.

RAP NEWS 3 (2009)


RAP NEWS debates the controversies surrounding climate change. More lyrical debate at The Juice Media.

Earth Days (2009)

Earth Days

Earth Days is a feature length documentary about the origins of the environmental movement in the United States, told through the eyes of nine Americans who were inspired to act on what they believed was the most important challenge facing mankind. The excerpt below focuses upon Dennis Meadows and his book entitled The Limits to […]

Facing the Future (2009)

Dimbleby Lecture

The Prince of Wales delivers the Richard Dimbleby Lecture, exploring how we can better work with the grain of nature, rather than against it. A transcript is also available at the Prince of Wales website.

The End of the Line (2009)

End of the Line

This documentary follows investigative journalist Charles Clover as he uncovers the shocking decline of our ocean fisheries, revealing that – Ocean fish catches peaked in 1988 By 2003 the populations of one third of all edible fish species had collapsed By 2048 all ocean fisheries will have collapsed if current fishing trends continue The film […]

Homegrown Revolution (2009)


An inspiring story of how one urban family transformed their tiny tenth-of-an-acre home into a highly productive organic garden. (Trailer below) Visit their website

WALL-E (2008)


A modern-day Noah’s tale, where love nurtures a tiny seed of life amidst the wastes of a fallen technosphere. (SPOILER – fan trailer below.) (credits)

Food, Inc. (2008)

Food, Inc

Explores how a handful of massive multinationals have come to dominate the American food industry, and how their degrading factory farming practices are at the heart of an epidemic of obesity and diabetes ever increasing outbreaks of e. coli and salmonella poisonings seed “racketeering”, and a culture of fear and intimidation among farmers which puts […]

Peak Oil debunked in 4 minutes (2008)

Peak Oil debunked

Oops! We got it all wrong. Here’s a cogent summary of how. Or . . . perhaps not. A word from the IEA’s chief economist Dr Fatih Birol. More debunking here.

The Story of Stuff (2007)


Annie Leonard lays bare the destructive processes behind global consumerism. More stuff on Annie’s website.

The 11th Hour (2007)

The 11th Hour (2007)

“Healing the damage of industrial civilisation”. Leonardo DiCaprio argues for the integration of ecological thinking into governmental policy and everyday living standards. Exploring both the problems facing the Earth’s natural life support systems and their possible solutions, DiCaprio interviews over fifty of the world’s leading politicians, scientists, and environmental activists to address the issues of […]

Grocery Store Wars (2005)

Store Wars

Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away . . .

Ecologie et Spiritualité – Edward Goldsmith (2004)


Edward Goldsmith speaks at the Forum Écologie et Spiritualité, held at the Karma Ling Institute, Field of Avalon, France, 3rd October 2004. Followed by an interview. «French language»

The Meatrix (2003)


The Meatrix highlights the destructive effects of animal factory farming. Find out more on the Meatrix website.

Extinction of the Ethnosphere (2003)


In this video presentation Wade Davis explains how cultural diversity is undergoing an extinction rate far greater than that of biological diversity.

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