February 26, 2017


Some articles accept Comments to the editor. As with “Letters to the editor” in traditional journals, the editors will select those they feel are suitable for publication.

To increase the chances of being published, make sure your comments:

  1. Are relevant to the content of the article
  2. Contribute intelligently to the issues addressed in the article (whether supportive or critical)
  3. Provide supporting references where appropriate
  4. Are written in a style appropriate for publication (including well-formed grammar, spelling and punctuation)

The editors reserve the right to correct spelling, typos, and grammar, as well as to edit overlong comments down to their essential points. Registering a valid email address will assist the editors in this process. Commentators may use a pen name to register, and to post comments with, if they wish.

Please mark any notes or instructions to the editors in square brackets and asterisks [**Notes**]. These will not be published.

Registered commentators may request the removal of their own published comments by replying to them with [**Request deletion**]. However, these may remain posted if they have already received other replies.

If you spot any typos or similar errors in the articles themselves, please make a comment about this under the specific article and mark it [**TYPO**].