October 23, 2017


A quick guide to useful features, and some Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Guide


  • TEXT SIZE—click the small or large “A” at the top-right of the page 
  • TRANSLATION—click the appropriate language flag at the top-right of the page
  • GLOSSARY—highlight any word or phrase and select the appropriate option from the pop-up menu (Opera browser—click ‘Copy’ first and then select from the menu). Choose either the Glossary for this website, The Ecologist archive, or one of the options available for web research
  • FEEDBACK—use the Comments at the end of a page to leave behind feedback. Use the Newsdesk to inform the editors of any relevant third-party material you have come across


How to find out about Edward Goldsmith?

Visit the About page in the navigation bar above

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How to keep up-to-date with edwardgoldsmith.org?

Either, subscribe to the News Feed,* Comment Feed, or the specific comment feed of each individual article (by RSS* or email—see each comment page). Bear in mind, this site is part of the Slow Web movement.

* Live Bookmark or Live Link

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How to find an article?

  • Try the searchbar on the right (use “quotation marks” for an exact phrase), or try the Index on the navigation bar above and search the page
  • For articles under a particular subject or category try the Sitemap on the top navigation bar, or click one of the subject or category tags at the bottom of an article
  • For more articles by a particular author, click their name under the title, visit the index of authors, or try a search (using “quotes”)
  • A blue navigation bar and a breadcrumb above the article are also available
  • Adding Edward Goldsmith to your browser’s own searchbar will also provide you with suggestions as you type (certain browsers only)
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How to view more results or change the order they appear?

Select the number of results to show at the bottom-left of the page. By default, search results are shown in order of relevance. To sort by date, select the appropriate option under the searchbar (some articles may be promoted to the top of the list by the editors regardless of their date)

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How to view an entire article on a single page?

Click “All” at the bottom of the page

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How to share content?

Click “Share” under a heading, or scroll to the end of the page and select the appropriate social-media button

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How to print content?

Articles may be printed out for personal and non-commercial use. Click “Print” under a heading for the complete article to appear in a new tab in ready-to-print format

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How to republish an article?

Small extracts may be republished under the widely recognised custom of “fair use”. To republish larger extracts or entire articles, please contact the editors for the appropriate permission

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Where to find shortlinks?

You can shortlink to any article by removing the article title from the url, e.g.




or further by substituting the site domain with “cym.biz”


Shortlinks are automatically provided with the twitter and identi.ca buttons at the end of each article

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Where are the readers’ comments?

If an article allows comments, a link will be available under the title or at the end of the page. The comments for each article are held on their own separate page.

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Where is my comment?

Comments are selected for publication by the editors (see our Comment policy for more about this). A separate discussion forum may appear in the future

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How to link to a specific comment?

The link for each comment is contained in its date. Right-click on the date, and select the appropriate choice to copy the link

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How to return to an article from its comment page?

The article title links back to the first page of the article

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How do I delete my account?

Further information can be found in the Privacy statement

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