October 22, 2017


An overview of issues relating to privacy and security on edwardgoldsmith.org

It is recommended that you use a client such as Tor browser*
if you have concerns over web privacy and security.

* Some content on this website (such as flash video) may not be available while using the Tor browser

This website collects and stores information from visitors in the form of cookies, IP addresses, browsing behaviour (including the use of canvas image data), registration information (where available), internal communications, and comments submitted for publication. Besides public comments, none of this information is shared with third parties.

For privacy and security issues related to information collected and stored on third-party social-media pages associated with this website, please refer to the policies of the organisations hosting or delivering that content.


Some cookies are stored on your computer to enable various features of this website to work properly. You can set your browser to block these cookies and still be able to view most of the content on this website. Turning off cookies may impact upon some features when you are logged in to your account however.

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IP addresses and browsing behaviour

IP addresses are logged by our web analytics program to allow us to collect statistics about the pages people are visiting and how they interact with the site during their visit, including where people are generally located, what browsers they are using, which pages they are moving to and from, which websites are referring them here, and so on. With this information we can better tailor the website to suit the needs of our visitors. This web analytics program is held on our own servers. As a result, this information is not shared with any third party (as it would be if we used a remotely-hosted service—such as Yahoo! or Google web analytics—for example). The IP logs generated are periodically destroyed by us when they have served this purpose. You may limit some of this information from being gathered by blocking javascript in your browser and by altering your browser’s HTTP Header (visit this Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) website to find out why you may wish to do this. Visit the Tor Project website to find out how you may do this).

In addition, some content on this website (such as video) is supplied by third parties. These third parties may log your IP address in the process of delivering this content to your browser. We have no control over the use to which the content delivery service puts this information (please refer to these organisations for their own privacy policies). Some of this embedded content (such as flash video and javascript) may be blocked from your browser with the aid of widely available content filtering plugins.

You can find out more about online privacy at the EFF’s website.

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Registration Information

Any registration information you provide (including email addresses) is stored and backed-up on our own servers, and is not shared with third parties. You can delete this information from our servers at any time using your account options (click the “Help” tab at the top of the options page for further instructions). See also Internal Communications below.

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Internal Communications

Messages, emails, and similar communications sent to and from members may also be stored on our servers. These are not shared with third parties. Only our site administrators, editors, and the correspondents themselves have access to this material.

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Any comments submitted for publication are considered to be public, and are therefore not covered by our privacy provisions (see our Terms). Notes accompanying comments are considered private however (see our Comment policy). You may be able to retract some comments from publication under certain circumstances (see our Comment policy for more about this).

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A securely encrypted connection to this website is available via the following address https://www.edwardgoldsmith.org. The SSL has not been certified by a third party. It is recommended that you use a client such as Tor browser* if you have concerns over web privacy and security. Our server currently resides in the U.S.A.

* Some content on this website (such as flash video) may not be available while using the Tor browser.

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