October 22, 2017

Peak Oil

The Athabasca tar sands

Athabasca Tar Sands

As a result of the peak in global crude oil production and the subsequent explosion in oil prices, the world’s largest and dirtiest industrial project is racing ahead in the Canadian heartland of Alberta. The oil industry is now heavily engaged in excavating the vast, and previously uneconomic, tar sands sitting under the Athabasca boreal […]

The age of cheap oil is over (2011)

Fatih Birol

The IEA’s chief economist, Dr Fatih Birol, describes how the IEA now believe that conventional (crude) oil production peaked in 2006 and how the age of increasing oil prices is now upon us. A transcript of the original program aired on Australia’s ABC can be found here. Further, the IEA also claims the world has […]

Peak Oil debunked in 4 minutes (2008)

Peak Oil debunked

Oops! We got it all wrong. Here’s a cogent summary of how. Or . . . perhaps not. A word from the IEA’s chief economist Dr Fatih Birol. More debunking here.

Can we cope with the growing oil shortage?

Oil Rig (Ecologist Vol 29 No 2 1999)

This is one of a series of six talks by Edward Goldsmith, broadcast on the World Business Report programme of the BBC World Service, 15-19 December 2003. See Related Articles on the right for others in the series. During much of the nearly 20 years I lived in rural Cornwall I had no car (though […]

Growing market for military seizures

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Editorial article published in the The Ecologist Vol. 3 No. 8, August 1973 – in which Goldsmith anticipates the 1973 oil crisis and much of what has gone on in the Middle East since. Should people be made to face facts or be left with their illusions? Most people would opt for the former course […]