November 19, 2017


The population explosion

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An inevitable concomitant of development An essential reason why economic development cannot help combat malnutrition and famine is that it must inevitably give rise to a population explosion. The experience has been the same everywhere. As soon as a traditional society embarks on the path of economic development, its population simply explodes. It happened in […]

This very dangerous illusion of a Third World problem

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Published in the Financial Guardian – perhaps the financial section of The Guardian – some time in 1979. This is the only publication information we have. In the UK today, the world population explosion is seen as a Third World problem. It may affect India and Bangladesh, but not us – a very dangerous illusion. […]

Oiling the wheels of the Doomsday machine

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Editorial article published in The Ecologist Vol. 6 No. 6, July 1976. Some of the dire predictions made here have not been realised on the timescale anticipated. But it may only be a question of of time . . .

Less food, less people?

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It now appears that America is short of one million tons of nitrogen and phosphate fertilisers which could reduce food grain yields for next year by twenty million tons. Senator Hubert Humphrey predicts that if nothing is done about it, there will be “an international food crisis, the likes of which the world has never […]

Population and food supply

Blueprint for Survival - Ecologist version - front cover

Appendix C: A Blueprint for Survival. The Blueprint occupied the entire issue of The Ecologist Vol. 2 No. 1, January 1972, in advance of the world’s first Environment Summit (the 1972 UN Conference on the Human Environment, in Stockholm). The principal authors were Edward Goldsmith and Robert Allen, with additional help from Michael Allaby, John […]

Already too many

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A review of The Optimum Population for Britain: Symposium of the Institute of Biology No. 19. Edited by L. R. Taylor, Academic Press, London, 1970. How many people can this small group of islands sustain? This is clearly a difficult question to answer, but it is essential that we do so soon. As A.I.N. Houghton […]

Already too many (alternative version)

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Review of The Optimum Population For Britain, Symposium of the Institute of Biology No. 19. Edited by L. R. Taylor. Academic Press [See another review of this volume here] In one of the papers printed in this book the Rt. Hon. Douglas Houghton, M.P., says ‘Population increase in Britain is thought to be something to […]