October 22, 2017


The Post Industrial Age

"An Epoch of Rest" plate from the Kelmscott Press edition of "News From Nowhere" by William Morris

In the early years of its publication, The Ecologist came with the subtitle “Journal of the Post Industrial Age”. Its message—that society needed to begin voluntarily de-industrialising if it was to avoid global catastrophe in the century ahead, a disaster that would mean de-industrial­isation by default—with all the suffering that would entail. The seminal Blueprint […]

The Crisis of Civilization (2012)

The Crisis of Civilization (2012)

Based on the book A Users Guide to the Crisis of Civilization: and how to save it, Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed explains how systemic failings intrinsic to industrial society are converging inexorably towards its collapse before the century’s end. Rather than attempting to change the current industrial system—which is the root of the problem—policy makers […]

300 years of fossil fuels in 300 seconds (2010)


Richard Heinberg explains where we’re at, how we got here, and what we need to do about it . . . From the Post Carbon Institute. See also GasLand (2010), and the IEA’s chief economist, Dr Fatih Birol, stating that conventional (crude) oil production peaked in 2006.

Homegrown Revolution (2009)


An inspiring story of how one urban family transformed their tiny tenth-of-an-acre home into a highly productive organic garden. (Trailer below) Visit their website

A Blueprint for Survival – a review

Blueprint for Survival - Ecologist version - front cover

This brief review of A Blueprint for Survival by Mark Anslow was published in The Ecologist, July 2007, in the “Classic book club” section – “Revisiting the books that shaped the environmental movement”. Reading A Blueprint for Survival written by Ecologist founder Edward Goldsmith [with Robert Allen and colleagues], is at once incredibly refreshing and […]

Participating in democracy

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Preface to The urban village: a charter for democracy and sustainable development in the city, by Alberto Magnaghi. Published by Zed Books, September 2005. The thesis of this important little book is a very radical one. Alberto Magnaghi, a highly respected town planner, is in effect calling for the reversal of present trends towards a […]

A true hero of the Earth

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Katherine Victoria Goldsmith reflects on how her husband Edward Goldsmith, founder of The Ecologist, spurned a life of easy privilege to spend his life studying, writing and vigorously opposing the established ideas of economic progress – in the process galvanising the environmental movement worldwide. Adapted from an article printed in the Arab Ecologist in January […]

Sanctuary Asia interviews Edward Goldsmith

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Sanctuary Asia interviews Edward Goldsmith, February 2004. Meet Edward Goldsmith Sanctuary Asia: “Why are you so angry?” Edward Goldsmith: “Modern man is wrecking the planet and doing so at an increasingly rapid rate. Our remaining forests are being systematically clear cut or simply burned, our agricultural land compacted, eroded, desertified or water-logged and salinised by […]

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