October 22, 2017


A true hero of the Earth

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Katherine Victoria Goldsmith reflects on how her husband Edward Goldsmith, founder of The Ecologist, spurned a life of easy privilege to spend his life studying, writing and vigorously opposing the established ideas of economic progress – in the process galvanising the environmental movement worldwide. Adapted from an article printed in the Arab Ecologist in January […]

Sanctuary Asia interviews Edward Goldsmith

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Sanctuary Asia interviews Edward Goldsmith, February 2004. Meet Edward Goldsmith Sanctuary Asia: “Why are you so angry?” Edward Goldsmith: “Modern man is wrecking the planet and doing so at an increasingly rapid rate. Our remaining forests are being systematically clear cut or simply burned, our agricultural land compacted, eroded, desertified or water-logged and salinised by […]

Sunderlal Bahuguna – A gentle warrior

Sunderlal Bahuguna

Sunderlal Bahuguna of India is fighting to save Himalayan people, their culture and their environment. This article first appeared in Resurgence Issue 181, March/April 1997. See more of Sunderlal Bahuguna and the Chipko movement here. There are three things I have in London that together are of special significance: a coloured cotton bolster, a half […]

Uncle Teddy

Green Warriors front cover

This is a chapter about Teddy Goldsmith from Green Warriors by the prodigious environmental writer Fred Pearce. Green Warriors was edited by Jill Black, and published by The Bodley Head, London, 10 January 1991. The publisher’s synopsis reads: “As the century comes to a close and we begin to comprehend the scale and brutality of […]

“Edward Goldsmith – The Green Revolutionary” (1990)

Green Revolutionary

Edward Goldsmith argues that the planetary crisis facing us today cannot be solved by further economic development and technological innovation but only through the cooperative efforts of ordinary people guided by their faith in traditional wisdom. First aired as part of Channel 4’s Fragile Earth series, 28th January 1990, UK. See also transcripts: Part One […]

Edouard Kressmann

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A tribute to Edouard Kressmann, Founder of Ecoropa, who died 22nd August 1985. Published in The Ecologist Vol. 15 No. 5–6, September 1985. Edouard Kressmann died of a heart attack on 22 August at the age of 78. He was not only well known in European ecological circles but also in Bordeaux where he lived […]