June 28, 2017


Ethnocracy: the lesson from Africa

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This article sets out the roots of Africa’s continuing wars, strife and poverty as the outcome of the colonial powers’ creation of artificial borders that defy ethnic and religious boundaries. Now frozen in the modern nations of Africa, these boundaries combined with the tribalisation of politics have created a situation seemingly impossible for Africa to […]

De-developing the Third World

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The nature of development is to force people to exchange the essential for the superfluous—to sacrifice the biosphere on which life depends, for short term increases in material consumption. The only possible outcome is increased poverty and deprivation. This is why development must be reversed – degrowth, or ‘de-development’, is the way forward. Editorial article, […]


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The introduction to the special edition of The Ecologist on India. This issue is about India’s future. It does not deal with political institutions for these are likely to play but a secondary role in shaping it. Nor does it deal with India’s industrial sector, for if the Indian people is to have a future, […]