February 26, 2017


Participating in democracy

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Preface to The urban village: a charter for democracy and sustainable development in the city, by Alberto Magnaghi. Published by Zed Books, September 2005. The thesis of this important little book is a very radical one. Alberto Magnaghi, a highly respected town planner, is in effect calling for the reversal of present trends towards a […]

Letter to the Guardian

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This letter was written to John Vidal, the Guardian‘s environment editor, in response to accusations by George Monbiot in “Stealing our clothes”, published in the Guardian on 30 April 2002. The article also appears on Monbiot’s website under the title “Black shirts in green trousers”. In the article, Monbiot asserts that Edward Goldsmith “assumes that […]

An ecological worldview

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Judith Elliston interviews Teddy Goldsmith for Pataphysics. The article may also be found on their previous website here. Judith Elliston: Do you think there is a heightening happening in late-capitalist development, before the end – a speeding up of bio-destruction and growing inequalities, failure of democracies, etc . . . ? Teddy Goldsmith: We have […]

Cooking up right-wing connections

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In this letter, published in The Guardian on Tuesday 18 July 2000, Edward Goldsmith responds to Age of Rage by Fred Pearce, published previously in The Guardian on Wednesday July 12, 2000. See also My Answer, Goldsmith’s extensive rebuttal of these and other similar attacks. Fred Pearce’s article on The Ecologist‘s record over the last […]

The Tory Record – Introduction

The Tory Record - an Assessment (front cover)

This is the introduction to The Tory Record – an assessment (published by Jon Carpenter Publishing in 1997 on behalf of The Commission for Assessing the Conservative Record). The booklet was inspired by Teddy Goldsmith, who also wrote the introduction, while cartoons were by the incomparable Richard Willson. Other chapters were: Food quality – Tim […]

The politics of damming

The Social and Environmental Effects of Large Dams front cover - USA edition

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Published as Chapter 19 of The Social and Environmental Effects of Large Dams: Volume 1. Overview. Wadebridge Ecological Centre, Worthyvale Manor Camelford, Cornwall PL32 9TT, UK, 1984. By Edward Goldsmith and Nicholas Hildyard. « previous chapter · contents · next chapter » Politics or oversight? The examples discussed in Chapter 18 clearly demand an explanation. One correct, […]

Values lost: whatever happened to the Values Party?

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Without doubt, the New Zealand Values Party is one of the most successful ecological parties yet to have been formed anywhere in the world. In the 1975 General Election, Values put up candidates in each of New Zealand’s eighty-four parliamentary constituencies, obtaining six per cent of the vote. With such a success behind it, the […]

The illusion of power

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The main argument against Britain’s membership of the EEC is that it must impinge on our national sovereignty. People seem alarmed that we should be run by Brussels rather than Westminster. But is this fear justified? I do not think it is. If one considers the very important changes that have occurred in this country […]

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