November 19, 2017


The Great Takeover and its reversal

The Case Against the Global Economy - front cover

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Published as chapter 26 of The Case Against the the Global Economy, Sierra Club Books, 1996, under the title “The last word – a personal commentary”. « previous chapter · contents Original note: There are no cosmetic solutions to the problems that confront us. They are the inevitable consequences of economic growth or development and in […]

A currency for every community

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To reconstitute local economies is an imperative if we are to prevent misery and chaos when the global economy collapses. We need them in any case to reduce our environmental impact and to render possible local co-operation and solidarity that can alone assure our livelihood and welfare on a sustainable basis. LETS and Time Dollar […]

An open letter to Judy Maciejowska

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This powerful letter, dated 8 March 1995, was written to Green Party activist Judy Maciejowska in response to a letter from her which has unfortunately been lost. Dear Judy, I am sorry I have taken so long to produce anything in writing. This is not the document you asked for, it is me thinking aloud […]

Rethinking our future

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Manifesto: The Cornwall Ecology Party, 1977 Our society is beset by increasing unemployment, inflation, crime, delinquency, and a deteriorating environment. Unless we completely rethink the problems facing us, it is only a question of time before we are confronted with economic and social collapse. We cannot understand our problems by looking at them one by […]