October 22, 2017


Work! Work! Work!

Work! Work! Work!

The history of industrialism is the story of producing more with fewer people. Teddy Goldsmith looks at the implications. Published in Real World No. 4, Autumn 1994. By August 1993, there were 17 million un­employed in the EC. According to EC Commiss­ioners, the figure is expected to be 24million by the end of 1994. Since […]

A strategy for ensuring the habitability of our planet

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We can only maintain the habitability of our planet by reversing the direction in which ‘progress’ is taking us, argues Edward Goldsmith. This lecture was delivered to the Royal Society of Arts, London, on 9 June 1993, and published in the RSA Journal, January–February 1994. The Chairman (Sara Parkin): Edward Goldsmith is best known as […]

The ecology of unemployment (extended version)

The Great U-turn

This essay explains how the industrial system we live under not only creates unemployment, but created the very idea of unemployment. A shorter version of this article was published in The Ecologist Vol. 4 No. 2, February 1974, then in Everyman’s of 9 February 1975 (India). This revised and extended version later appeared in 1988 […]

De-skilling society

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Review of The New Technology: Social Impacts and Human Centred Alternatives, M.J. Cooley, Technology Policy Group, The Open University This is only a short report of thirty pages or so, including references, but it is very well done. The subject is one about which a great deal has been written in recent times, much of […]

The ecological approach to unemployment

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From the journal PHP, Japan, August 1978 Unemployment is much more than material deprivation. A job, in an industrial society, provides much more than material benefits. It also provides those people, who in a disintegrated society have been deprived of an extended family and a cohesive community, with a surrogate social environment and hence with […]

The ecology of unemployment

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A leading article for The Ecologist Vol. 4 No. 2, February 1974. This version was republished in The Doomsday Funbook (Jon Carpenter Books, February 2006). See ordering information for the Funbook. An extended and referenced version of this article also appeared as Chapter 3 of The Great U-turn, published by Green Books in 1988. It […]