October 22, 2017


Pollution by tourism

Image by Stan Eales for The Ecologist Vol 29 No 5 August-September 1999

Mass tourism is not a benign force of economic development, as popularly supposed. It rather corrodes the health, well-being and environment of the societies it collides with, while the promised benefits fail to materialise for the great majority of people. This article, one of the first ever critiques of mass tourism, was published in The […]

What is need?

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Edward Goldsmith examines the manufacturing of ‘needs’ in a consumer-oriented society with the example of modern transport. A leading article for The Ecologist Vol. 3 No. 1, January 1973. Republished in The Doomsday Funbook (Jon Carpenter Books, February 2006). See ordering information for the Funbook. In calculating the relative costs of road and rail transport, […]