October 23, 2017


“Uncontacted Tribes” Could Be Wiped Out by Drug Traffickers and Oil Companies

Uncontacted tribe (www.uncontactedtribes.org)

Oil companies, loggers and organised crime. What’s the difference? Gregor MacLennan reports for amazonwatch.org. More at uncontactedtribes.org. “Uncontacted Tribes” Could Be Wiped Out by Drug Traffickers and Oil Companies In Peru, less than 150 miles to the south, oil company Pluspetrol in consortium with Spanish Repsol and US company Hunt Oil is pushing ahead with […]

Spanner in the works

Percy Schmeiser (27 January 2003, Porto Alegre, Brazil - photo by unknown)

Edward Goldsmith interviews Percy Schmeiser, the Canadian farmer who risked everything to challenge GM giant Monsanto. Interview conducted on 1 May 2004. Background: For 40 years Percy Schmeiser grew oilseed rape on his farm in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Usually, he would sow each year’s crop with seeds saved from the previous harvest. In […]

Unhygienic – or just small-scale? (long version)


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Across the world small and traditional food producers and retailers are being closed down by burdensome Government regulations requiring massive expenditures on ‘hygiene’. Is the real motive to close down such small-scale food producers, leaving the big industrial combines to clean up their markets? Published in The Ecologist Special Report June 2001. Republished in Rivista […]

Unhygienic – or just small scale? (Funbook version)

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An article for The Doomsday Funbook (Jon Carpenter Books, February 2006), written in June 2001. See ordering information for the Funbook. Also see the two other versions of this article, the long version and the short version. Throughout the world today governments, in accordance with WTO legislation, are imposing costly installations on small food producers […]

Hell on Earth: mankind and the environment

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Humanity has transformed the planet almost unrecognisably. Now we talk of re-engineering ourselves to fit. Edward Goldsmith wonders how we can miss the point so dramatically. Published in The Ecologist Vol. 30 No. 7, October 2000. An extended, unpublished version if this article is also available, entitled “Can humanity adapt to the world that science […]

On Seattle

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Edward Goldsmith writes of the tumultuous events in Seattle surrounding the World Trade Organization ministerial meeting in late November 1999, when an estimated 50,000 – 100,000 protesters gathered to oppose the free trade agenda the WTO is forcing upon the globe. The World Trade Organization suffered a humiliating setback this week in Seattle. It was […]

For Exxon-Mobil, human survival is just not economic

Ecologist (Vol 14 No 5-6 - June - July 1984)

An article by Edward Goldsmith and Simon Retallack for the Doomsday Funbook (Jon Carpenter Books, February 2006). Written in March 1997, it was updated on 22 November 2002. See ordering information for the Funbook. International attempts to control climate change have been a primary target for corporate lobbyists. Their aim throughout has been to delay, […]

Corporate power and free trade

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Amy Goodman and Larry Bensky interview Edward Goldsmith and Jerry Mander for “Democracy Now!” on Pacifica Radio (California, USA). This edition of “Democracy Now!” was produced by Julie Drizzen, and the engineer was Kenneth Mason. Broadcast 29 October 1996, duration 62 minutes. The original audio can be found here. Amy Goodman (presenter): From Pacifica Radio, […]

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