November 19, 2017

Global warming will make traditional climatic knowledge irrelevant

Ecologist (Vol 29 No 1 - January - February 1999)

Tribal peoples have an unparalleled understanding of their environment, which is key to the sustainable agriculture and lifestyles which they have pursued for generations. But with climate change, weather patterns and ecosystems face disruption. Could traditional tribal knowledge, of such huge potential value for sustainable living, be made obsolete by global warming? Unpublished, 18 November […]

For Exxon-Mobil, human survival is just not economic

Ecologist (Vol 14 No 5-6 - June - July 1984)

An article by Edward Goldsmith and Simon Retallack for the Doomsday Funbook (Jon Carpenter Books, February 2006). Written in March 1997, it was updated on 22 November 2002. See ordering information for the Funbook. International attempts to control climate change have been a primary target for corporate lobbyists. Their aim throughout has been to delay, […]

To prevent world famine we must reverse current agricultural policies

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Paper of a speech given to the World Food Day Seminar, Dublin, 16th October 1991 The current policies of governments throughout the world are those that best contribute to economic development, the overall socio-economic goal to which all other considerations, whether they be biological, social, ecological or even moral, are ruthlessly subordinated. Economic development is […]

A question of climate

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Book review: Climate and Development. Edited by Asit K. Biswas, Natural Resources and the Environment Series, Volume 13. Tycooly, Dublin, 1984. Published in The Ecologist Vol. 14 No. 5/6, June/July 1984. This is a short book (146 pages) containing five chapters. Two are by the editor, Asit Biswas, one being on “Climate and Development”, the […]