October 22, 2017


Key articles that have appeared on the Frontpage

Living with nature

The Earth as seen from Apollo 17, December 1972 - NASA

This is the original editorial piece that launched The Ecologist in July 1970. The Planet Earth is unique in our solar system in displaying those environ­mental conditions required to sustain complex forms of life. In what are, in evolutionary terms, very recent times, its surface or biosphere has been seriously disturbed by two events giving […]

The Road to Chou

Ecologist (Vol 10 No 6-7 - July - August - September 1980)

A timely tale from an ancient Chinese legend After the fall of the Han Dynasty, China passed through an unstable century known as the period of the Warring States, during which it was divided into a number of independent countries often at war with each other. Foremost among these was the Kingdom of Wei, which […]

Richard Benedict Goldschmidt

Richard Benedict Goldschmidt (1878 - 1958)

An overview of the life and work of the eminent German-American geneticist, Richard Goldschmidt, and the angry reaction he received from the defenders of Orthodox Darwinism as a result of the challenging theory of evolution expounded in his magnum opus The Material Basis of Evolution. Richard Benedict Goldschmidt was born in Frankfurt in 1878 and […]

Aluna (2012) – the Kogis return


In this new film, Alan Ereira returns to the Kogi of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Columbia, 20 years on from his first visit,* which opened the world to this lost pre-Columbian civilisation and its message that we (“the Younger Brothers”) are set on a course of global self-destruction. This time they lead […]

The super-informed society

Ecologist (Vol 29 No 5 - August - September 1999)

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Or “Many paths to nonsense: information theory applied to the living world”. Will the proliferation of information technology really help us to solve the important issues we face today, or will it simply add to our already mounting problems? Goldsmith argues (in 1982) that the impending development of the internet and resulting “information revolution” will […]

Community Supported Rewilding

Ecological restoration

*UPDATE* 18th April 2013. Kiwi release in Northland Last weekend 14 kiwi were released in an attempt to restore the endangered bird to the New Zealand mainland in Marunui. Read more here. The Marunui Conservation project in Auckland, New Zealand, is a successful example of a private initiative in conservation, and a model program for […]

The Post Industrial Age

"An Epoch of Rest" plate from the Kelmscott Press edition of "News From Nowhere" by William Morris

In the early years of its publication, The Ecologist came with the subtitle “Journal of the Post Industrial Age”. Its message—that society needed to begin voluntarily de-industrialising if it was to avoid global catastrophe in the century ahead, a disaster that would mean de-industrial­isation by default—with all the suffering that would entail. The seminal Blueprint […]

Global warming unabated while Arctic ice recedes

Global warming

*UPDATE* 22nd August 2012. Arctic sea ice—both by area and volume—is set to reach record lows this year and, if predictions are correct, will be completely absent during the summer from around 2015 onwards. Some climatologists believe that this catastrophic reduction in Arctic ice-cover is directly responsible for the extreme weather being experienced in the […]

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