November 17, 2017

The fall of the Roman Empire

The Course of Empire - Desolation by Thomas Cole (1836)

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A social and ecological interpretation In this popular essay, Edward Goldsmith finds that internal moral and political decay and unsustainable agriculture underlie the fall of the Roman Empire, while the Barbarian invasions were merely the coup de grâce. The comparisons with our own society and misguided sense of permanence are unsettling. Originally published in The […]

My answer

Edward Goldsmith attending "Forum 2000" in Prague, 2002 (photo by Jan Symon)

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Edward Goldsmith came under attack from all sides of the political spectrum for his uncompromising and firmly-held views. In this article of December 1999 (first published in January 2003), he robustly defends himself against his various detractors. I have been under heavy, often vitriolic, attack in the last year. For some of my critics I […]