October 22, 2017


Jean Liedloff – R.I.P.

Jean Liedloff

An obituary for Jean Liedloff—former editor of The Ecologist and author of The Continuum Concept—who died on March 15th, 2011. See below for a list of Jean Liedloff’s contributions to The Ecologist. A “Living Treasure” Dies by Geralyn Gendreau “Jean Liedloff, author of The Continuum Concept, died peacefully in the pre-dawn hours on her houseboat […]

Schooling the World (2010)

Schooling the World

“Schooling the World: The White Man’s Last Burden”. Education as the ultimate act of Western colonialism, destroying cultural diversity and spreading human monoculture—in its own image—around the globe. Interviews with Wade Davis, Vandana Shiva, Helena Norberg-Hodge, et alia. Schooling the World website. Trailer below.

The gene for unemployment

Ex nuclear scientist

There is an increasing tendency to blame human ills – physical and psychological – on ‘defective’ genes. But is it our genes that are defective? Or is it rather the pathological environment in which we live? Deprived of community, eating nutritionally impoverished foods, surrounded by industrial pollution . . . the raw conditions of life […]

Cancer: the real causes

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Edward Goldsmith shows how the barely-restrained pollution of the chemical and nuclear industries are to blame for the growth of cancer. Unpublished article, written 9 September 1997. See also Cancer: are the experts lying? I once spent the night at the flat of a friend of mine in Paris. He worked for a somewhat shady […]

Cancer isn’t natural

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Letter in the Sunday Telegraph, 31st August, 1997. Professor Sir Richard Doll, Britain’s leading expert on the epidemiology of cancer, whose letter you published last week, insists that the incidence of the disease is falling. But he also insists (in each case against all the evidence) that asbestos does not cause lung cancer and that […]

Did big business kill my brother?

Jimmy (Copyright © The Estate of James Goldsmith)

Edward Goldsmith on how Sir James’s death from cancer might have been prevented. This article was published in the Sunday Telegraph, 3 August 1997. A fortnight ago my brother, Jimmy Goldsmith, died of cancer. His courage was absolutely indomitable. But how can his loss not make me angry? We will never know for sure the […]

Cancer: are the experts lying?

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“Cancer is now a disease that afflicts one out of three people, and everybody knows in their hearts, and also on the basis of countless studies, what one of the main causes are: exposure to carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe, and ionising radiation – from medical X-rays, nuclear tests and radioactive emissions from nuclear plants.”

The medical-industrial complex


A review of Health and the global environment by Ross Hume Hall. Polity Press, London 1990. Twenty years ago, our task was to establish the exact nature of the environmental problems that confronted us and to work out how best they could be solved. This task has now been largely achieved. We do not know […]

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