October 22, 2017


Jean Liedloff – R.I.P.

Jean Liedloff

An obituary for Jean Liedloff—former editor of The Ecologist and author of The Continuum Concept—who died on March 15th, 2011. See below for a list of Jean Liedloff’s contributions to The Ecologist. A “Living Treasure” Dies by Geralyn Gendreau “Jean Liedloff, author of The Continuum Concept, died peacefully in the pre-dawn hours on her houseboat […]

Under control?

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Do the laws regulating pesticide use in Britain really protect our health and environment? This article was written as the Introduction to The Pesticide Conspiracy by Robert van den Bosch (April 1980, Doubleday, reprinted November 1989, University of California Press). It was also published in The Ecologist Vol. 10 No. 3, March 1980. In the […]

The family basis of social structure

The Stable Society - front cover

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The family in its various forms is the universal basis of all human societies and social structures. However the institution of the family has decayed in modern times, so converting society into an alienated agglomeration of disconnected individuals, susceptible to arbitrary, remote and authoritarian governance. This article was published as Chapter 2 of The Stable […]

Social disintegration: effects

Can Britain Survive? - front cover

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This is Chapter 21 of the book Can Britain Survive?, published by Tom Stacey, London, 1971, and Sphere Books, London, 1971 (paperback). « previous chapter · contents · next chapter » Most schoolteachers and social workers would agree that the children who give them the greatest trouble are those with family problems. Such children may have a […]