November 17, 2017


Richard Willson – R.I.P.

Richard Willson cartoon - The Ecologist (Vol 28 No 5 - September - October 1998)

Peter Bunyard and Robert Prescott-Allen remember their old friend, cartoonist extraordinaire, Richard Willson who died in November 2011. By the time of Teddy Goldsmith’s memorial service, almost two years’ ago, Richard Willson was suffering severely from Parkinson’s disease, but his mind was as razor sharp as ever. He had made an extraordinary effort to be […]

Art and ethics

William Morris - author of "Hopes and Fears for Art" (photograph by Elliott & Fry 1877)

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Edward Goldsmith explores the themes of knowledge, intuition, aesthetics and the Sacred. Published in The Structurist magazine Nos. 41-42, 2001-2002: “Art and Altruism”. It seems increasingly clear that the principal method of acquiring knowledge about the World, is via a mysterious, ill-defined process we call intuition and that is closely related to our emotions and to […]

The cosmic in art, architecture and ecology at the Millennium

Khanaqah ceiling, Mahan, Iran, 15th century

Published in A Sacred Trust: Ecology and Spritual Vision, edited by David Cadman and John Carey. Tenemos Academy Papers No. 17, 2002. In this essay, Edward Goldsmith argues that the original role of art is to express mankind’s relationship with the cosmos. *     *     * Original note: Towards the begin­ning of his remarks, Edward Goldsmith related an […]

Mediocrity and the study of history

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The English Disease, which we hear so much about, is mediocrity, and in the last thirty years it has spread like a cancer throughout the fabric of our society. What makes the disease particularly serious is that we have grown to like it, so much so that we have come to regard anything that is […]