October 22, 2017


GasLand (2010)


Josh Fox’s documentary-exposé of the gas “fracking” industry and its mis­leading attempts to portray this highly polluting technology as a “greener” source of energy (trailer below). Find out more here (blog), and here (pdf).

Misleading the public

Ecologist (Vol 10 No 6-7 - July - August - September 1980)

This article by Peter Bunyard and Edward Goldsmith has been condensed from the special issue of The Ecologist dedicated to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster (Vol. 16, No. 4–5, 1986). It was published in this form in The Doomsday Funbook (Jon Carpenter Books, February 2006). See ordering information for the Funbook. Today, much of the information […]

France – country of the atom

Ecologist (Vol 29 No 7 - November 1999)

If nuclear power seems cheap in France, it is because half the costs have been ignored. An accurate accounting of costs, direct and indirect, reveals France’s massive nuclear electricity programme as a ruinously expensive folly. Written with Peter Bunyard, co-editor of The Ecologist. Published in The Ecologist Vol. 11 No. 6, December 1981. France’s nuclear […]

A State within a State

Ecologist (Vol 28 No 3 - May-June 1998)

We have devoted this issue of The Ecologist to a detailed analysis of the economic case for and against nuclear power. We ourselves do not regard economics as the most important aspect of the nuclear controversy. Like most responsible people, we oppose nuclear power for incomparably more important reasons—believing, as we do, that the proliferation […]

The Luxulyan Occupation

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A letter to the editor of The Times of London about the anti-nuclear camp at Luxulyan. Dear sir, As three who participated in the Luxulyan occupation right from the very start, and who attended the final day of the hearings in the Court of Appeal, we write to express our utter dismay at Lord Denning’s […]

Covering up the future

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The Foreword by Edward Goldsmith for Cover up: the facts they don’t want you to know by Nicholas Hildyard, co-editor of The Ecologist. Published by New English Library in 1981 (hardback) and 1983 (paperback). In October 1980, Mr Trevor Brown, head of the chemical division at Aldermaston responsible for processing weapons grade plutonium, was officially […]

The cover-up society

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It appears that it is right and proper for civil servants to conspire to deceive the public over the manifold dangers inherent in the manufacture of nuclear bombs. But to tell the truth? That is quite another thing altogether. Editorial article published in The Ecologist Vol. 10 No. 10, December 1980. A senior civil servant, […]

Cap La Hague: chaos reigns supreme

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At the very tip of the Cotentin Peninsula, just 15 miles from the Channel Islands, lies Cap de La Hague, the site of France’s largest nuclear reprocessing plant . . . Co-written with Nick Hildyard. Published in The Ecologist Vol. 8 No. 6, November – December 1978. Identical in design to British Nuclear Fuel’s plant […]

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