November 19, 2017


The Promethean Enterprise


RapNews bring us their latest musings on what it’s all about (above); in particular: Man’s quest for ultimate knowledge. But is this the kind of knowledge that we really need? Edward Goldsmith suggests not, and shows how Science has become a kind of quasi-religious cult, misdirecting our attentions away from the knowledge and wisdom that […]

The Ecologist: Four decades of global warning


The Independent newspaper reflects upon 40 years of The Ecologist. The Ecologist: Four decades of global warning “. . . The magazine made waves in 1972 when it dedicated an entire issue to the now-famous “Blueprint for Survival” manifesto. It reported that because humans disrupted the ecosystems in which they exist, they alter other ecosystems […]

How The Ecologist began . . .

The Ecologist first issue July 1970

Peter Bunyard recounts how he, Teddy, Jean Liedloff and Robert Allen started The Ecologist in 1969. Starting out: how Teddy Goldsmith launched the Ecologist 40 years ago “Running a magazine on a shoestring budget; printing unpopular but groundbreaking analyses; fighting off lawsuits: the Ecologist has evolved over its 40 year history, but the passion present […]

Facing the Future (2009)

Dimbleby Lecture

The Prince of Wales delivers the Richard Dimbleby Lecture, exploring how we can better work with the grain of nature, rather than against it. A transcript is also available at the Prince of Wales website.

Ecologie et Spiritualité – Edward Goldsmith (2004)


Edward Goldsmith speaks at the Forum Écologie et Spiritualité, held at the Karma Ling Institute, Field of Avalon, France, 3rd October 2004. Followed by an interview. «French language»

Towards a Biospheric Ethic

Weltspartag by Hans-Ulrich Osterwalder, 1979 (Ecologist Vol 15, No 3, 1985)

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Modern moral philosophers have tended to study ethics in a void, ignoring the insights of the natural and human sciences. Although several of our most noted and thoughtful biologists and sociologists have sought to correct this, they have based their ethical principles on a grossly distorted view of nature and human society. The result has […]

My answer

Edward Goldsmith attending "Forum 2000" in Prague, 2002 (photo by Jan Symon)

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Edward Goldsmith came under attack from all sides of the political spectrum for his uncompromising and firmly-held views. In this article of December 1999 (first published in January 2003), he robustly defends himself against his various detractors. I have been under heavy, often vitriolic, attack in the last year. For some of my critics I […]

Art and ethics

William Morris - author of "Hopes and Fears for Art" (photograph by Elliott & Fry 1877)

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Edward Goldsmith explores the themes of knowledge, intuition, aesthetics and the Sacred. Published in The Structurist magazine Nos. 41-42, 2001-2002: “Art and Altruism”. It seems increasingly clear that the principal method of acquiring knowledge about the World, is via a mysterious, ill-defined process we call intuition and that is closely related to our emotions and to […]

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