November 19, 2017


Intelligence is universal in life

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The present paper is a synthesis of chapters 31, 32 and 33 of The Way: an ecological world view, by Edward Goldsmith (University of Georgia Press, Athens, 1998). It may also be viewed at It was published in Rivista di Biologia/Biology Forum Vol. 93 No. 3, 2000. Abstract. Behaviorists assume that living things memorize […]

Richard Benedict Goldschmidt

Richard Benedict Goldschmidt (1878 - 1958)

An overview of the life and work of the eminent German-American geneticist, Richard Goldschmidt, and the angry reaction he received from the defenders of Orthodox Darwinism as a result of the challenging theory of evolution expounded in his magnum opus The Material Basis of Evolution. Richard Benedict Goldschmidt was born in Frankfurt in 1878 and […]

Science’s superstitions

Jacques Monod, French biologist, (1910–1976), Nobel Laureate

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The cult of randomness and the taboo on teleology This article is an extended version of a combination of three chapters, 5, 26, and 27, of The Way: An ecological world view by Edward Goldsmith. It was first published in this form in The Ecologist Vol. 27 No. 5, 1997, under the title “Scientific Superstitions”. […]

Evolution, neo-Darwinism and the paradigm of science

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Neo-Darwinism does not provide a satisfactory explanation for evolution and however resilient it may prove to criticism, it must eventually give way to a more realistic theory. This can only occur if we abandon the reductionistic and mechanistic ‘paradigm of science’, which neo-Darwinism so faithfully reflects. Published in The Ecologist Vol. 20 No. 2, March–April […]

Gaia and Evolution (preface)

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Preface for Gaia and Evolution: Proceedings of the Second Annual Camelford Conference on the Implications of the Gaia Thesis If we accept the Gaia Thesis, in which the Earth is seen to be a planetary system with certain self-regulating features that are controlled by the combined activities of the biota, such as surface temperature, climate, […]

Gaia is evolution

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From Rivista Di Biologia Vol 83, 2-3, 1990. This paper is an abridged version of the introductory paper presented by the author at the second annual Camelford Symposia on the implications of the Gaia thesis. The full text is published in the proceedings of the Conference: Gaia and Evolution, ed. P. Bunyard and E. Goldsmith. […]

Gaia and evolution

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The ‘survival of the fittest’ maxim of Darwinism is widely used to justify the disastrous process of unrestrained technological progress and economic development. However, if the world is seen as a single self-regulating system, then progress through competition becomes fundamentally anti-evolutionary. Co-operation is the true evolutionary strategy. This paper was presented at the Wadebridge Ecological […]

The unfolding of Darwin’s thought

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Book Review: The development of Darwin’s theory: natural history, natural theology and natural selection 1838-1859, by Dov Ospovat. Cambridge University Press 1981. Published in The Ecologist Vol. 12 No. 4, July–August 1982. This book is beautifully produced on high quality paper with a number of fine engravings. About the author, Dov Ospovat, we are told […]

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