November 19, 2017


The Ecologist: Four decades of global warning


The Independent newspaper reflects upon 40 years of The Ecologist. The Ecologist: Four decades of global warning “. . . The magazine made waves in 1972 when it dedicated an entire issue to the now-famous “Blueprint for Survival” manifesto. It reported that because humans disrupted the ecosystems in which they exist, they alter other ecosystems […]

How The Ecologist began . . .

The Ecologist first issue July 1970

Peter Bunyard recounts how he, Teddy, Jean Liedloff and Robert Allen started The Ecologist in 1969. Starting out: how Teddy Goldsmith launched the Ecologist 40 years ago “Running a magazine on a shoestring budget; printing unpopular but groundbreaking analyses; fighting off lawsuits: the Ecologist has evolved over its 40 year history, but the passion present […]

Ecology – a bridge

Ecology A Bridge Between Science and Society by Eugene P. Odum

A previously unpublished book review of Ecology: A Bridge Between Science and Society, by Eugene Odum (third edition, published by Sennar Associates, Sunderland, Mass., USA, 1997). Eugene Odum, who was Professor of Ecology at the University of Georgia, was probably the most distinguished ecologist of his day. His principal textbooks Basic Ecology (1983) and its […]

Professor Eugene Odum

Eugene Odum (image source ·

An obituary for the world’s most respected ecologist, Dr. Eugene Odum, who passed away on August 10, 2002. It is a summary of an obituary that appeared in the Athens Banner-Herald. Eugene Odum was born September 17, 1913. He grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where his father, Howard W. Odum, was a professor […]

Whatever happened to ecology?

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The science of Ecology has been taken over by the cult of scientific reductionism and has become a weapon in the war on the living world being waged by industrial man. This article of July 2002 is a greatly extended and updated version of the article “Whatever happened to ecology?” first published in The Ecologist […]

Ecosystem Ecology (2000)

Eugene Odum

Eugene Odum provides an accessible introduction to systems ecology. Watch all six parts on YouTube.

The Way – a summary (review)

The Way - cover 1998 US edition (cover image by Andy Goldsworthy)

This summary review of The Way: An Ecological Worldview was written for Schumacher College in 1998. First published in 1992, The Way is Edward Goldsmith’s magnum opus. This second edition of The Way, was published by University of Georgia Press, Athens, Georgia, in 1998, and was fully revised, incorporating a glossary, page references, and index. […]

Why crop diversity is so important

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Traditional agriculture involved planting a wide diversity of different plants. This had considerable advantages. Among other things it was a method of insurance. The farmer who grows a single crop runs the risk that conditions in a particular year might not be appropriate for it. The weather may not be right or his crop might […]

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