October 22, 2017


These are the Terms which govern the use and content of this website. See also Disclaimer, and Privacy


Small extracts from original articles on this website may be reproduced under the widely recognised custom of “fair use”. The copyright holder kindly requests that proper attribution and a live link back to the original content page accompanies the reproduced material. For republishing larger extracts, entire articles, or other content please contact the editors of this website for the appropriate permissions.

Articles may be printed out for personal and non-commercial use. Click “Print” under a heading for the complete article to appear in a new tab in ready-to-print format.

Besides comments (see below), all material on this website remains the copyright of the original authors and-or the website owner.

Third-party content reproduced on this website remains the copyright of the original author and-or publisher.

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Third Party Content

This website may employ embedded content or reproduce small extracts from the work of third-parties. In so doing this website adheres to the widely recognised custom of “fair use”, and where possible will provide proper attribution of the original source, as well as linking to any online source material. If you are the original copyright holder and believe that the editors have exceeded “fair use” and would like to have your content removed from this website, please contact the editors.

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The use of some features of this website may require registration. The administrators reserve the right to refuse registrations, and to withdraw existing registrations, if they deem it fit to do so. Users also have the ability to remove their own registration details from the database whenever they wish (see Privacy for more details).

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By submitting comments or other content intended for publication on this website, users agree to relinquish control of that content according to these Terms.

Under the Terms of this website the editors may freely publish or withhold comments and other content submitted for publication. The editors may freely correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and where necessary, edit long comments and other content down to their most essential points, so long as the original meaning and intent of those points is respected. Beyond these Terms the original author of the content will retain their copyright.

The editors will maintain the confidentiality of messages not intended for publication, unless the consent of the parties involved has been obtained. If the author of such a message believes that the editors have breached this confidentiality and would like to have their message removed from publication on this website, please contact the editors.

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These Terms are subject to change without notice. Please refer to them before continuing to use this website. The entire risk as to the use of this website is assumed by the user. See also Disclaimer.

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